I don’t know about the rest of you parents out there, but I’m a worry wart. I do most of my worrying at night. What is my problem?  I should be sleeping but instead, my mind is going a 100 miles an hour. It won’t stop until I either get up and take care of whatever is bugging me or I count sheep. Ok, so counting sheep doesn’t really work for me but I’ve always liked the idea.

A few days ago, I was thinking about one of the times Misty came over to visit. The kids were playing in the living room. While we were chatting, I walked over and pulled up my blinds. I really didn’t even notice but my little 15-month-old, Carson, was instantly attracted to the strings and started playing with them. Misty suggested I don’t leave them hanging down because kids can easily get tied up in them and not be able to get out. I’ve never had blind strings hang down far enough to worry about my kiddos playing in them but our new house as blind strings hanging down EVERYWHERE!

So then I started worrying about other things and decided rather than sit and fret, I’d do something about it. That is how my “Uncommon Household Safety Tips Worth Trying” list was born. And honestly, these are all things I’ve thought about at one time or another. I realize I shouldn’t worry all the time – about everything – but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and preventative.

Household Safety Tips

1. Need to get blind string up and out of the way?  Use Command hooks and strips. I had some extra hooks laying around from other projects and thought this would be a great solution to getting the strings out of the way of kids. I stuck the hook behind the blinds so they weren’t noticeable when the blinds are up. And bonus: the Command strip pulls right off and doesn’t leave holes or ruin your window casing.

2. Do your kids have upstairs bedrooms with windows that can be easily opened? Window guards prevent a child from falling from a window when it’s open. They are screwed into the window frame and acts like a “gate.” Window stops prevent windows from opening more than 4 inches. Some new windows come with stops already installed.

3. Are you home alone and having a hard time sleeping? Keep car keys next to your bed while you sleep. Then if you hear a spacious noise or suspect someone is trying to break in, press the Panic button. The sound of the alarm will likely scare whomever is trying to enter and they will flee.

4. Have you set up your home address in your GPS? Set your home address on your GPS to a different or fake address. If someone breaks in they are likely looking for electronics and/or money. If you have your home address programmed in your GPS and the GPS is stolen, they’ll have your address and know where you live.

5. Leaving the house? – Pretend like you’re saying goodbye to someone in the house as you leave.

6. Do the kids keep pinching fingers when closing drawers? Attach office binder clips to the sides of drawers to keep little fingers from getting pinched.

7. Bathtub toys turning moldy? Use a glue gun to plug up those holes in your bath toys so that water doesn’t get in them.

8. Is your family going on vacation? If you and your family are going to be gone for a few days, you can latch your garage door using a garage door slide bolt lock or a dead bolt. It’s inexpensive to do and it only take a few minutes to install.

9. Do you like to leave your windows open at night? – Cut a wooden dowel to the length you want (approx. 4 to 6 inches) and place in your window seal/tray.

10. Are the kids attracted to all those surge protector plugs? To keep kiddos away from surge protectors use a plastic container with a lid. Cut a hole in the side of the container, thread the cords through the hole, place the surge protector in the box then place the lid on the container to keep everything out of reach.

Great tips for a worry wart, like me!

Do you have some not-so-common safety tips that you’d like to share? Let us know. We’d like hear about them.


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