I love the Fourth of July. I love the parades, seeing the colors red, white and blue everywhere, family get togethers, flags waving in the breeze and especially fireworks. It’s a wonderful time of year. It makes my heart swell and it’s a day to celebrate our independence. I am so proud to be an American and to live in the country that we live in and enjoy the freedoms that we have. I am so grateful for the soldiers who serve and have served to help keep us free.

As this day of celebration approached I wanted to start adding some decorations to my home to bring the spirit of America into our home. I came across this pom pom tutorial on Facebook that I thought was cool and easy. As I was visiting Michelle in Boise this last weekend I was up early one morning with my baby. I was trying to decide what to share this week. It dawned on me that the pom pom tutorial would be great but to add my own twist to it. As I shared my idea with Michelle later that morning I was being dumb, talking kind of goofy and said “I thought it up in my brain.” My wonderful daughter Paityn then piped in “What brain?” Michelle and I just had to laugh. I’m telling myself she didn’t mean anything by it, right?

Ok so my idea. A 4th of July pom pom Flag Runner.



Yarn-Red, White, Blue
Contact Grip Liner
Glue Sticks-2, Taped together to create pom pom

Begin by creating pom poms. I decided that the size of my runner would be 36″X12″. The blue portion of the flag is 14 1/2″X7″, there are 4 rows of blue with 8 pom poms in each row. The strips fill up the remain space with 12 pom poms in each row next to the blue portion and 20 in the bottom rows.


To create the pom pom I started by taping 2 acrylic paint bottles together but it made the pom poms too big and floppy so then I used glue sticks and they were the perfect size.


Wrap the yarn around the glue sticks 45 times.


Remove yarn from glue sticks. Cut a piece of yarn about 5 inches long and center the pom pom it.


Pull the yarn tightly around the pom pom and tie it in a knot.


Take scissors and cut the closed ends in half to create pom pom look.


Trim up ends to make it look more even.


Begin to tie onto grip liner. Be sure not to tie too close together. The first time I did this I had to untie my first row and start all over. Be sure to turn over and cut off the remaining long ties.


That’s it. You have this adorable, patriotic Flag table runner. So simple and fun.