It never ceases to amaze me how quickly I forget where I put things. It doesn’t matter what it is — keys, shoes, phone or even my wedding rings sometimes. It’s the weirdest thing and so FRUSTRATING at times! I mean, I forget things in a matter of seconds. The joys of getting old, I guess.

Forgetting where I put my wedding rings has always been a scary thing for me. If I can’t find them within a few seconds I tend to get a tad bit nervous and if it takes longer than a couple of minutes a full panic attack sets in. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels that losing your wedding ring is the worst feeling in the world.

Over the last several months I have seen some great ideas on preventing said panic attacks and it got me thinking of ways to keep my rings in the same place everyday. And where does a mom tend to spend a great deal of her time? The kitchen! Introducing my version of a kitchen sink ring holder!


4×4 Frame
Scrapbook Paper
Arrow utility hook
Frame Stand (optional)

This is going to be the quickest project EVER!

First, take out the glass from the frame. I picked my frames up at Michael’s but any frame size or shape will do. I chose a smaller frame size so it wouldn’t take a up a ton of room on my counter. Amazon also has some cute 4×4 picture frames that comes in a ton of different colors. I thought these were cute!

Place the glass on the scrapbook paper and trace around it.



Cut out and place paper in frame.


Next, grab the utility hook. I bought my utility hooks from Target. It came in a 4-pack which is great because now I can make 3 more ring holders and gift them to friends.

Remove the adhesive backing and press firmly onto the center of the glass.



Now for the final step, place your ring holder next to your sink, hang your rings on them and never forget where you’ve placed them again!


Here’s another example using a different frame and paper.


I told you it was SUPER quick and easy!

Note: My frame didn’t have a stand attached to it but if yours does you don’t need the frame stand. I actually went several months without one. I just propped the ring holder up against the backsplash. However, I recently bought a frame stand though and it was a nice finishing touch. 

I LOVE that I can change out the scrapbook paper when I get bored with it and that it is easily customizable. It even makes the perfect birthday or wedding gift for a friend!

I’m so glad I have this! Having this in my kitchen is so convenient especially when I’m getting ready to cook dinner or clean up dishes — I throw my rings on the hook and I know when I’m done I won’t be spending the rest of my evening trying to find where I placed them.