Here we go! As sisters, we’ve talked for years about doing something together we just weren’t sure what that “something” was. We’d talk about it, discuss ideas and then it would fall on the wayside because that’s what tends to happen in life. Sound familiar?

But now it’s time to make all the brainstorming and daydreaming a reality. We each have different passions, skills and things we like to talk about. We love celebrating those differences and frequently find ourselves reaching out to each other for advice and input. That’s just what sisters do, right? So we thought there’s no better time as the present to start documenting our ideas and projects and sharing them with the world.

Dreams & Midnight Jabber was born! As stay-at-home moms we realize that even though our priorities may change we never stop dreaming. Growing up we had dreams and as now, as adults, we still do…they’ve just evolved or changed over time. As sisters, we’ve always been there to encourage each other to follow those dreams and sometimes late at night, we’ve found ourselves staying up late jabbering away hoping one day we could make our dreams a reality.

This blog is just one of those dreams. We’re excited for this new adventure! We hope you have fun taking this journey with us as we share advice, DIY projects, tutorials and more.