It’s kind of sad to admit this — I got all excited to get out my Fall decor but when I actually pulled out all of my things, I realized I had like 2 or 3 items. What?? How does that happen? Fall is my favorite season so you’d think I’d be going all crazy in the decor department. So I decided I’d throw some pieces together this year so that when next year rolls around I won’t be as shocked.

First on the list, was creating a banner for my mantle. The great thing about banners is they can really be hung anywhere. You don’t have to have a mantle to decorate with them. And this banner was actually pretty simple to make.

Fabric glitter
Glitter balls (optional)
Leaf pattern
Banner template
Letters (printed & cut out)
Glue gun
X-acto knife


I picked up my felt sheets at Hobby Lobby. I bought more than I needed but I didn’t want to run back to the store. I used3 felt sheets of orange (for the banner and leaves), one seafoam, one brown, one champagne and 2 sheets of the gold glitter fabric (for the letters and the leaves).

To start, I printed out a leaf pattern, cut it out, pinned it to the felt and cut the leaves out — 4 leaves of each color.


Next, I printed out this banner template. It seemed bigger than I wanted my banner to be so I actually scaled it down to 75% and then printed it out. I had to play with it a little bit to get the size I wanted. I cut out 6 pieces for the word ‘Autumn.’


Then, using Google Docs I found a bold font (Bevan in this case) and played with the sizing to make sure the letters would fit on the banners. I sized all the letters to 350 with the exception of the ‘m’. I had to do it at 300 to make it fit. I printed all the letters off and cut them out — using an X-acto knife to cute out the middle of the ‘a’.

Once I had all the letters cut out, I placed them on the backside of the glitter fabric and made sure to flip them that they were backwards as I traced them with a pencil. This is must, otherwise the letters would end up backwards on the banner so make sure to remember to do this. I loved working with the glitter fabric. Super easy to trace on and cut out. I used scissors and an X-acto knife (again I only had to use it for the ‘a’) and didn’t have any problems with the fabric. It was awesome and definitely a product I’ll be trying to find other projects to use it with.


Now that I had all the pieces cut out, it was now time to put it all together. I decided to use some Fall glitter balls (I purchased them from Hobby Lobby as well) to separate the letters. The balls come in a pack of green, orange and brown but I decided for this project I’d just use the brown. Between the balls and the lettering that is quite a bit of glitter. But let’s be honest, can you ever have too much glitter? I don’t think so!


Because the balls are foam, I knew it should be pretty easy to string them using a needle. Sure enough, I was right! The string I had was a bit thicker so I had to use one of my upholstery needles but any needle should work. I ran 7 balls along the string and placed the 4th ball in the center. This was mostly to give me a starting point on where to place the letters. My string was 60 inches long, so I slid the 4th ball to 3o inches and then spaced the remaining balls between each banner piece.


After I had all the balls on the string I hot glued the letters to the felt and then glued the leaf pieces together. The leaves can put together anyway you want. There’s a lot of different ideas and tutorials out there. I chose this way mostly due to space.

I then placed the banner pieces upside down so that I could attach them to the string. I attached them by running a small amount of hot glue along the top and then folding the top just barely over the string — as shown below.


I then glued the leaf pieces to the string by cutting out a small rectangle out of the scrap felt, running some hot glue on the entire piece, sticking it to the string and then placing the leaves on top of it.


That’s it! Now it was time to hang it!