Let’s face it, babies need beauty products too right? Sure they come beautifully, wonderfully and perfectly made but after 3 boys I’ve found a few items I simply can’t live without. Don’t run off, I’m not trying to convince you to put mascara on those irresistible long lashes, these are (mostly) things to help your little one. (Disclaimer: The recommendation to use these products is solely my opinion and do not express the opinions or advice of a doctor)
Hydrocortisone Cream
Baby Acne
We’ve all seen it and usually it pops up at THE worst times, like right before a newborn photo shoot! Eek! Have no fear! Enter in Hydrocortisone Cream! Marie told me about using this for baby acne and it’s seriously a life saver! Use a VERY little amount on the affected area and (in most cases) it will clear up in a day or two. Bye-bye baby acne!

Olive Oil
Cradle Cap
Grrrrrr I. HATE. cradle cap! Like, HAAAATE it!!!!! My oldest had it THE worst when he was a baby. I bought a special cradle cap shampoo that worked ok but left his hair greasy and lets not forget the HORRIBLE smell of it! YUCK!!! When my second child came along he had a minor case of it and I again used the wretched shampoo. This time around with Holden I started noticing some cradle cap…I CRINGED! Not that nasty shampoo again!!!! Luckily this time I did some online research and I’m SOOOO glad I did. Olive oil to the rescue! Yes, olive oil. Apply a small amount and massage it into their head. Let sit for about 15 minutes. Shampoo babies hair and use scrubber to remove cradle cap. I could literally see it coming off in chunks. I shampooed and gently scrubbed his scalp 3 times and after one bath it was mostly gone…AAAAAMAZING!
Johnsons baby lotion
Hair Style
Yep, you read that right. Styling baby hair. Years ago I heard this trick from my mom who heard it from a friend. Johnson’s baby lotion works great to style hair. I’m not really one to put gel or hair spray in my babies hair so this works great. Granted I don’t have girls so I’m not sure how it would work, though I imagine the results would be the same. After applying lotion to Holden I simply take the leftover lotion on my hands (sometimes I add a bit more)and run it through his hair. Then I can style a cute little faux hawk or spikey hair, with what little hair he has right now lol. Don’t worry, hair is not left stiff, sticky or oily so it works great.

Bottom Buter
Diaper Rash
Lastly this one is more necessity than beauty. It’s a brand I’m not sure many people know about so I thought it was important to share. If you remember from my Stretch Mark post I LOVE the Palmers brand, I’ll stand behind their products till the day I die! Palmers makes a pretty amazing diaper rash cream, Bottom Butter. In the past it has been somewhat difficult to find but with this pregnancy I was actually able to find some at my local Motherhood. Don’t get me wrong, I still own Desitin and Butt Paste but the Bottom Butter is my first go-to.
Baby stuff is obviously at the forefront of my mind so hopefully you guys don’t get tired of hearing about it! What baby tips and tricks do you have?