I’d like to introduce you to a little place I lovingly call “Organization Nation”. Now don’t get me wrong, my house has plenty areas of clutter, every normal house does, right? So despite what my husband might think (lol) I really enjoy organizing. I’ve found, seen and come up with some great hacks to organizing along the way and want to share them!

For today, let’s focus on the bathroom!

You’ve seen those silverware organizers in the kitchen section at the store, right? I got mine from Walmart. Forget actually using them for silverware–where’s the creativity in that?! Let’s organize our makeup!

I know, I know, I have a LOT of makeup. Let's just say I love variety.

I know, I know, I have a LOT of makeup. Let’s just say I love variety.

Do you ever get those cool perfume sets that come in boxes? Let’s just say Victoria’s Secret is my hubby’s go-to place for gifts…and I’m NOT complaining! Call me a pack-rat but I always save these boxes for organizing! I used this cute one for fingernail polish!

Such a cute little container, right?!

Such a cute little container, right?!

And this one for perfumes and lotions!


Do you have a cupboard or drawer in your bathroom that’s full of random stuff? Plus all the extra stuff the dentist sends you home with after a cleaning? I had a cluttered cupboard like this and decided I’d HAD it and it MUST be organized. I picked up a few little baskets and used some old Tupperware to organize this cupboard. There’s one container in the very back you can’t really see, it holds extra toothbrushes! Lifesaver for guests who forget theirs!

Clear, visible labels for the hubby :-)

Clear, visible labels for the hubby 🙂

Moving to my boys bathroom. Under their sink was an absolute disaster!!! I had a basket in the bottom of the cupboard but it didn’t seem to help. More and more things would just get stacked in there until the basket was basically useless in keeping things tidy and organized. I found these really cool stackable bins at the dollar store, that’s right, the DOLLAR store. They tend to carry baskets and bins in the summertime, so be on the lookout!

Looks SO much better right?!

Looks SO much better right?!

Hopefully I’ve inspired you to organize with these simple, easy hacks! Anyone can organize! And it doesn’t have to be expensive either!