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I love the Fourth of July. I love the parades, seeing the colors red, white and blue everywhere, family get togethers, flags waving in the breeze and especially fireworks. It’s a wonderful time of year. It makes my heart swell and it’s a day to celebrate our independence. I am so proud to be an American and to live in the country that we live in and enjoy the freedoms that we have. I am so grateful for the soldiers who serve and have served to help keep us free.

As this day of celebration approached I wanted to start adding some decorations to my home to bring the spirit of America into our home. I came across this pom pom tutorial on Facebook that I thought was cool and easy. As I was visiting Michelle in Boise this last weekend I was up early one morning with my baby. I was trying to decide what to share this week. It dawned on me that the pom pom tutorial would be great but to add my own twist to it. As I shared my idea with Michelle later that morning I was being dumb, talking kind of goofy and said “I thought it up in my brain.” My wonderful daughter Paityn then piped in “What brain?” Michelle and I just had to laugh. I’m telling myself she didn’t mean anything by it, right?

Ok so my idea. A 4th of July pom pom Flag Runner.



Yarn-Red, White, Blue
Contact Grip Liner
Glue Sticks-2, Taped together to create pom pom Continue reading

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to sew. For years I struggled to find the perfect caddy to keep all my supplies in. A couple years ago I came up with this toolbox sewing caddy and it’s seriously the best way to organize all my supplies.  This is super simple to make and only requires a few supplies.

Toolbox (I purchased an old used one from our local Army Surplus store for $10)
Spray Paint
Vinyl Words

Continue reading

Each year in July our family attends a week long family reunion. We go camping up past Driggs, ID (which if you haven’t been, you should put it on your list) and it’s seriously the highlight of the summer. For as long as we can remember, we’ve had this little wooden table that we take each year and let the kids sit at for meals. Over the years it’s obviously been used, loved and sadly it’s deteriorating. This last year, our mom took the table to a friend who made a pattern to cut out a few replicas of the table. Then guess what we got for Christmas?? Yep, the tables (jump for joy)!! Of course, we couldn’t just let them sit there without adding some life to them so we started brainstorming up some cute ideas to paint and finish them. Without further ado, we bring to you what we like to call “the most amazing, space-saving, super fun Puzzle Picnic Tables!”

Picnic Tables Before

Marie – Game Table

Spray Paint
Paint Brushes
Sand Paper
Painter’s Tape
Acrylic Paint-for games
Paint brush and/or Sponge Brush

Picnic Table Supplies

I began by sanding my table. Not an easy project but totally worth it in the long run. I wanted to make it a fun color that I loved but would still be cool in the hot sun, and since I love anything in the shade of turquoise the Ocean Mist was perfect for the table top. I did London Grey for the bottom parts of the table. It ended up looking more of dark brown. I did 3 coats of each color. Continue reading

Let the summer projects begin!! Now that summer is in full swing here in Idaho and we’ve officially been in our house for a year, we’ve started tackling some of the outdoor projects that we’ve been talking about for months. Are the projects never ending at your place too? There’s always some sort of brainstorming going on around here.



One of the items on our list for this year was building a couple of planter boxes for our backyard. We have a lot — no, a TON — of rock along our fence and a lot of vinyl fencing so to break it up and to add a little privacy we decided planter boxes would help eliminate some of the eye sores in our backyard.

Continue reading

A few months ago, I had the crazy idea of putting some pieces together to make my front porch look a little more inviting. It had been looking pretty neglected for far too long so I thought this spring I’d work on sprucing it up. However, who knew it would take me almost two months before I felt like I could share it with you all? When you have a vision, sometimes it takes a while to have it come together. And I’ve decided (since I’ll my projects tend to feel this way) that it’s ok. 🙂 I’ll eventually get it done!

I do have to admit, I didn’t do it alone. I received a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest. So I thought I’d share what inspired me and then what I did to tweak it and make it my own. Side note, anybody that knows me, knows I don’t shy away from color! I love it and so that’s what I was going for with this project….LOTS and LOTS of color!!

Front Porch – Before


Front Porch – After


Seriously, this has got to be my new favorite outdoor space. Now to share with you how I got this look… Continue reading

I love a great skirt and I have to say that a maxi is my favorite. No zippers or snaps, just straight up comfort. Several years ago I came across this adorable ruffle maxi skirt on A Small Snippet. I fell in love with it and wanted to make it, but by the time I went back to make it the instructions were no longer available. I knew that I could figure it out. I went through my scrap fabric and found some jersey knit fabric and I was off and running. I have to say that I am SO in love with this skirt.


3 yards Jersey Knit-that’s how much I had on hand but I didn’t use it all
Coordinating thread
Straight Pins
Sewing Machine
Ballpoint Needle/Jersey Needle-Essential

You don’t need a pattern for this but I made one so that when I make another one the basic maxi part will be easy.  I measured my waist at 34″ with a 32″ length for a regular maxi skirt. I left the length but removed 9″ before I cut it to allow for the ruffle allowance. That made my actual length 23″. Double the fabric so that you are cutting out both sides at the same time. Lay pattern on fabric, pin in place and cut it out.


Cut a 34″ x 10″ strip, this will be the waistband. Set aside.

For the ruffles cut out 2 9″ x 74″ strips and 2 6″ x 74″ Strips. Set aside.

Pin right sides of skirt together and zigzag stitch up both sides.

Place right sides of waist band together and zigzag stitch together.

At this point I tried my skirt on and realized it was WAY to big because of how stretchy my jersey was so I had to make some adjustments. But it is easier to remove than it is to add so I put my skirt on and pinned what I needed to remove. Continue reading

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE customizing things. If you remember a few weeks back I shared Holden’s adorable nursery with a picture of his custom woodland sheet. I’ve had this cute deer head fabric for a while now and I decided it’s time to make another sheet.

Crib Sheet Tutorial Supplies
2 yards cotton, cotton-blend woven or flannel fabric (43″ or 45″ wide fabric will work)
1/4″ braided elastic
Sewing machine (a serger makes it SUPER fast if you have access to one) Continue reading

This is one of those projects I’ve been wanting to make for months and I’m thrilled that I finally got around to it. And even more excited that it turned out cuter than I’d pictured it in my head! Depending on what supplies you already have on hand this could be a very cheap project. Let’s get started!

Paint Stir Stick Basket Supplies

13 paint stir sticks
1/4″ wooden dowel
3 sheets of 12″x12″ scrapbook paper
Stain or paint (optional)
Mod podge
Staple gun and 3/8″ staples
Mason jars
Flowers Continue reading

Who’s ready for a mind-blowing, super easy craft project?? I’ve got you covered! The picture below basically tells it all. 🙂

Michael's Artminds™ Wooden Laser Cut Frames

A while back I was strolling through Michael’s and a couple of their wooden laser cutouts caught my eye and I knew I’d eventually be buying a couple for my walls. These laser cutouts are awesome and can be used for so many things! My problem came down to trying to figure out exactly what I would do with them and where I would put them when I was done.

After debating for a couple weeks on which one I like the most, I finally settled on getting two of the lace laser cut wood plaques because I found the perfect spot for them in my house.

Michael's Lace Laser Cut Wood Plaque By ArtMinds

I have an archway leading into my kitchen with two bare walls on both sides. I love the fact that this plaque would fill up the space while keeping it simple. Once I had decided which one I wanted the other steps came fairly easily. Continue reading

I love the Seasons. I love to watch the changes take place in the world. Take spring for example, I love watching life happen, trees are budding and flowers are blooming. It’s beautiful to watch and to see all the wonderful changes taking place. Along with the seasons comes decorating. I DO love to decorate, I HATE taking down the decorations and putting them away. I was so excited when I was at a friend’s home the other day and saw a smaller version of season blocks sitting on her mantel. It gave me a great idea. We have all these left over post pieces from our deck that I have been trying to decide what to do with. IDEA!! Season Blocks. You put them up and all you have to do is rotate them with the season. Even better is that I had all the supplies.




Blocks of wood-any size you desire, mine are 5 1/2 X 5 1/2
Sand paper or electric sander
Vinyl or paint if you choose to paint on letters
Cricut or a friend with one for letters
Modge Podge if vinyl doesn’t stick-some of mine letters didn’t Continue reading