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Happy December 1st everyone!! Not to stress anybody out but there’s only 24 days until Christmas! TWENTY-FOUR!! Who’s ready? I’m not, not one little bit — I do have my tree up and decorated. It’s the shopping I’ve been dreading however, to get me into the Christmas-giving spirit we’re offering a free printable for you today. Super nice of us, right? Continue reading

I hope everyone had a wonderful, delicious turkey day!! I know I did, I’m almost 9 months pregnant, how could I not enjoy it?! Thanksgiving is always a great time of year to remember and reflect back on what’s important and what we’re grateful for. As I thought back on the past year and everything that’s happened I kept coming back to Thanksgiving 2014. It’s the day my life COULD HAVE been changed forever, I could have lost my loving husband and my sweet little Rayce… Continue reading

After running kids around and trying to keep them entertained throughout the day, it’s nice to have a little quiet time at the end of the day. Our boys love watching movies, popping some “pop-pop” (as our 1-year-old likes to call popcorn) and snuggling up on the couch for some good ol’ family time. Remember the projector screen we made a few months ago? Yep, we are still loving it! At our house, as I’m sure in most homes, we have a few favorites that we seem to watch ALL THE TIME. They can get old fast…even though the kids don’t seem to mind. Sometimes my saving grace is Netflix.

Just recently, I started noticing they must be trying to cater to mom’s like me because they’ve started adding the coolest kid’s shows. They’re the coolest because these are shows I use to watch growing up (or at least remakes of them). Ahhhh, childhood memories! Who doesn’t want to share some of that with their kids?

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It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. I’ve been making my shopping list all year but I know somehow I’ll still be looking for last minute ideas. For me, games are always a fun, easy gift idea! My family LOVES to play games and we’ve come across some great ones so if you’re looking for that perfect game for the game-loving family then check out these ones! Continue reading

Sometimes I wonder if when I speak, I’m being listened to.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m teaching my boys everything they need to know to be kind, gentle, loving, good men.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m worrying too much about the day-to-day tasks when I should be worrying about how I can be better…a better mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend.

Sometimes I wonder if I can do it all.

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Who isn’t looking for the latest and greatest in kid products? I know I always am. I have found a few things that I’m pretty sure my boys and I could not live without so why not share the knowledge, right?!

First off is this ADORABLE night-light from Philips. My little Rayce is obsessed with Mickey Mouse so this light made perfect sense when I found it. It’s made of a soft and cuddly rubber and best of all, it’s rechargeable! It sits on a little base during the day charging and he takes it to bed each night. No batteries, no boogie man, a complete WIN and a MUST have. Amazon also carries other characters that are equally adorable, check out Spider-Man, Olaf, Sofia the First and Minnie Mouse!

Mickey Night Light.2

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How many times during the summer have you heard “I’m bored.” “I have nothing to do.” “What are we going to do next?” If you have then you are living in my nightmare times five. I can’t say six since my baby can’t talk yet but my other five kids are already starting the summer time boredom and I have already said “Well then let’s get a bag and go through your toys and get rid of some if you’re that bored.” With that being said it also makes me feel like a failure as a mother since I see all these amazing moms on Facebook, Pinterest and on blogs that are doing amazing things with their kids and all I can do is take them swimming and wish that it was bed time. It’s sad but true. Which brings me to today’s post and my chance at redemption and the chance to end the summer time boredom. Continue reading

I don’t know about the rest of you parents out there, but I’m a worry wart. I do most of my worrying at night. What is my problem?  I should be sleeping but instead, my mind is going a 100 miles an hour. It won’t stop until I either get up and take care of whatever is bugging me or I count sheep. Ok, so counting sheep doesn’t really work for me but I’ve always liked the idea.

A few days ago, I was thinking about one of the times Misty came over to visit. The kids were playing in the living room. While we were chatting, I walked over and pulled up my blinds. I really didn’t even notice but my little 15-month-old, Carson, was instantly attracted to the strings and started playing with them. Misty suggested I don’t leave them hanging down because kids can easily get tied up in them and not be able to get out. I’ve never had blind strings hang down far enough to worry about my kiddos playing in them but our new house as blind strings hanging down EVERYWHERE!

So then I started worrying about other things and decided rather than sit and fret, I’d do something about it. That is how my “Uncommon Household Safety Tips Worth Trying” list was born. And honestly, these are all things I’ve thought about at one time or another. I realize I shouldn’t worry all the time – about everything – but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared and preventative.

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