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Yesterday morning was a fun morning at our house. There was no power, for about 7 hours. Usually I would think this would be a good excuse to sleep in and enjoy the day but I had kids to get off to school and things to do around the house. Needless to say my morning did not go as planned. I did get the kids to school, not knowing whether they would be returned to me later and mowed the lawn at 8 o’clock in the morning. That was epic! But then my 4 and almost 2-year-old wondered what to do, which is funny since the only thing I needed power for was my treadmill and shower.

Then I remembered that I had signed up for to share Toddler Busy Bags with some other moms a year ago. I had received the package, opened it, let my kids mess with some of the things in it then put it up in a closet to be forgotten about. Let me just say these things are so great for kids ages 2-5. There are some amazing ideas on Pinterest for Busy Bags. When I signed up to do it the idea was to put together two different Busy Bags that cost under $1 and put it in a gallon size bag with the instructions. Some of the things that came in the box are great learning tools and can really help younger children learn their colors and shapes. Also, they work extremely well for hand/eye coordination. For example, my 2-year-old especially loved putting plastic toothpicks in a toothpick holder. IMG_9337 If you have kids that aren’t quite old enough for school, Busy Bags are a great way to pass the time all while having fun. Here are some ideas that came in my box that my kids loved:

Heads and Tails – This one I love. It’s so good for learning colors, animals and identifying heads and tails. This website also has a counting Busy Bag that I have. I LOVE IT!

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Who can believe that summer is coming to an end? I seriously feel like it just started. I went into Walmart last week and was so sad to see that they had Back to School supplies out already. I was voxing Misty and she said that she was in Target and they have theirs out too. It seems as if no one can enjoy their summer any more. I, for one, am still making plans to go swimming, camping, huckleberry picking, sleeping in and just enjoying not having a schedule and nowhere to be. Anybody with me?

I find that all too often the kids are asking what the plans are for the day and I am saying, “Do we have to have a plan?” I guess I have us doing too many things during the day. We love going to the lake or to the splash park, hanging out with friends or family and eating good food. With today’s post I decided to do something that I would maybe regret while we were doing it but that the kids would LOVE.

We have a woodcraft store here called Wood Creations. It is such a fun place to get unfinished wood projects and all the supplies to finish them. I must admit that I am slightly obsessed with them and love to buy all of their seasonal craft projects. My kids tend to get a bit envious when I do and are always begging me to pick them up something and let them paint it themselves. I am happy to report I finally took them shopping and, in fact, let them paint them themselves which took a great deal of self restraint on my part. I must admit, they really did a great job. It was such a simple project for my kids ranging from 12-3 (I laid my 1 year old down for his nap) and they loved the whole process.

wooden craft


Wooden Characters-paid $5.99 for each
Mod Podge
Scrapbook Paper
Glue Gun
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We hope that you all had an amazing 4th of July celebrating the Freedom of our country and spending time with the ones that you love. We had a blast creating new memories, eating food, watching fireworks and parades. We are so grateful to the men and woman who have dedicated their lives and time to make this wonderful land that we live in possible. God bless America.

We were so caught up in time with our family we decided to post a couple days later then normal but this post will not disappoint and we will be saving mothers everywhere. We would hope that all of you would say that one of your favorite childhood memories is a good old fashioned pillow fight. If your kids are anything like our kids then the pillows look like flattened pancakes when the fight is over. The kids are complaining that they have to sleep on them later. We have found the solution to this problem.

Each year we attend the local craft fairs, always looking for the some of the coolest, uniquest crafts. Last November as we were walking around we found this cute booth with giant boxing gloves hanging from it. Not just any boxing gloves, pillow fight boxing gloves. They are AMAZING!!

Boxing glove pillows

Our mom likes to give all the grandkids the same thing for Christmas, which makes Christmas morning so easy with no one wishing that they had what the other one has. Last year did not disappoint. They each got their very own pair!! Continue reading

It’s almost my FAVORITE time of year: SUMMER!!! Flip flops, sunshine, swimming, camping, shorts, the 4th of July, shaved ice, I could go on and on. But one of my very favorite reasons?! My kids are HOME! I’ll just admit it now, I’m one of those crazy moms that cries when summer is over and my kids run off to school. I LOVE having them home all summer but it always goes by too fast.

I always have great intentions of doing fun, new things multiple times a week but as soon as summer hits my brain goes blank. I decided now was the perfect time to put together a list of summer boredom busters. A lot of these activities don’t cost a thing! I’ve included a printable list, easy to skim over and quickly choose an activity or printable cards, throw them in a box and draw out an activity.

List of Summer Boredom Busters

Summer Boredom Buster Card Printable

Summer Boredom Busters List Printable

As a super fun added idea, take pictures of all your summer fun activities and make a summer scrapbook!

These are just a few ideas. Share your summer fun ideas with us by commenting below or using #dreamsandmidnightjabber




As I sit before my computer writing this post, I have a million thoughts running through my head. I began the fun adventure of potty training my last child and while I’d like to say it is bitter-sweet it’s not. I’m really looking forward to not having to buy diapers and not to having him lie on the ground while I change the millionth poopy diaper. I WILL NOT MISS IT. I am however having a harder time taking his sippy away. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe because it symbolizes an end to the baby phase or that he is indeed growing up while I long for him to stay little. I know it seems a bit strange that I am potty training without any emotional turmoil while the sippy is causing me serious mental troubles. I have problems.

I wanted to share the realness of potty training and what I have learned along the way. Today is my second day and I have to say that I am amazed at how well the first day went. Usually it is filled with accidents and frustration and disappointment but my cute guy was full of surprise and excitement. I should begin by telling you that I start putting my kids on a the toilet at 18 months to get them comfortable with it. I don’t expect them to do anything but if they do it’s an added bonus and yes we do make a big deal about it. I realized on Friday that I was going to be out of diapers by about Monday so I started to mentally prepare myself for what the next few days would entail. I am not one of those moms who puts their lives on hold. It’s too hard with so many kids to find a time that won’t be busy to potty train so I just do it and make it work. This week will be no acceptation. So once I realized that the diapers were coming to an end I started taking him to the toilet more frequently. He was AMAZING. If I said push, he pushed. He understood what he was supposed to be doing. Surprising. Saturday he pooped in the toilet and peed several times. But I didn’t take him out of diapers. I was just getting him comfortable with the idea. Sunday was the same. I did have the one fun moment when I decided to put him in training underwear and while I went to get it he decided to poop on the carpet. Gotta love him!! Continue reading

I love being a mom, but let’s be honest there are some moments when being a mom is not amazing. Like when a kid is sick and they totally miss the toilet and all of a sudden you are the only one left in the house who knows how to use a rag. That’s fun, cleaning up someone else’s throw up. Or how about when there’s a school project and it’s due tomorrow? But your kid has known about it for 2 weeks. That’s my favorite. Any mom’s relate to that? And my all time favorite — a blow out. It’s EVERYWHERE!!!! You are left wondering what they ate and how it is possible when they ate so little that it could make that big of a mess? Where to start? Do you save the clothes or just throw them away? And is it possible that you could pretend you didn’t know it was there and hurry and leave dad in charge? Yeah, being a mom has some great moments.

But my ALL time favorite part of being a mom is POTTY TRAINING (NOT). OK that is not entirely true. I have done it 5 times now and have it down to a science. I have only had a couple of set backs and I am not ashamed to admit that. It’s part of being human and a mom. So today’s post is to hopefully call out to all those moms who are ready to potty train or getting ready to. I am about 3 weeks away. I seriously feel that this is one of those things that you have to prepare for. Mentally and emotionally. I think the first thing that you have to do to tell yourself that you are going to do it. I just bought my last box of diapers. That’s right LAST box EVER!!! Those words are fantastic. The best advice I received from my sister-in-law when she helped me potty train my first and I can give you is once you start never go back. Once you take them out of diapers, never put them back in. This is a very important part of potty training. Now I am getting off track. I will be doing much more blogging as I go through my wonderful experience of potty training. This post is all about preparation.

There is a lot of advice out there. I am one in a million, so do what works for you. I am just sharing what has worked for me 5 times. So today I am going to help you gather the necessary items so that if you want to join me in a couple weeks you will be prepared. Continue reading

Let’s face it, being a mom is crazy, hectic and stressful. We all had good intentions of filling out those precious baby books, and maybe we even did it with our first born but as the months/years went by and the number of children in the house increased, you simply didn’t have time to devote to that little book. Well let me introduce you to an AMAZING idea. One that I can’t even claim as mine. My sweet aunt Margaret started this idea YEARS ago and has continued it ever since. My mom told me of the idea and encouraged all us girls to do it, she even bought us the supplies!
Introducing  the easiest, most sentimental project you will ever do… the Memory Journal
Spiral bound notebook (at least 100 pages)
Pen (or pens if you want a variety of colors)
Memories 🙂
Memory Journal

Obviously there are TONS of ways you could make your notebook cuter and more decorative but I just wanted to have mine done quick so I could start using it ASAP.

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Let’s face it, babies need beauty products too right? Sure they come beautifully, wonderfully and perfectly made but after 3 boys I’ve found a few items I simply can’t live without. Don’t run off, I’m not trying to convince you to put mascara on those irresistible long lashes, these are (mostly) things to help your little one. (Disclaimer: The recommendation to use these products is solely my opinion and do not express the opinions or advice of a doctor)
Hydrocortisone Cream
Baby Acne
We’ve all seen it and usually it pops up at THE worst times, like right before a newborn photo shoot! Eek! Have no fear! Enter in Hydrocortisone Cream! Marie told me about using this for baby acne and it’s seriously a life saver! Use a VERY little amount on the affected area and (in most cases) it will clear up in a day or two. Bye-bye baby acne!

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After running kids around and trying to keep them entertained throughout the day, it’s nice to have a little quiet time at the end of the day. Our boys love watching movies, popping some “pop-pop” (as our 1-year-old likes to call popcorn) and snuggling up on the couch for some good ol’ family time. Remember the projector screen we made a few months ago? Yep, we are still loving it! At our house, as I’m sure in most homes, we have a few favorites that we seem to watch ALL THE TIME. They can get old fast…even though the kids don’t seem to mind. Sometimes my saving grace is Netflix.

Just recently, I started noticing they must be trying to cater to mom’s like me because they’ve started adding the coolest kid’s shows. They’re the coolest because these are shows I use to watch growing up (or at least remakes of them). Ahhhh, childhood memories! Who doesn’t want to share some of that with their kids?

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It’s hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner. I’ve been making my shopping list all year but I know somehow I’ll still be looking for last minute ideas. For me, games are always a fun, easy gift idea! My family LOVES to play games and we’ve come across some great ones so if you’re looking for that perfect game for the game-loving family then check out these ones! Continue reading