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A couple years ago I made a few of these cute little Grab-and-Go Car Mats and they were a BIG hit (if I do say so myself). This cute little mat is perfect for entertaining little ones at a restaurant, a doctor appointment, at church, or anywhere really!

Car Mat Collage 1

I made this one specifically for my boys who LOVE tractors, snowmobiles and dirt bikes. So this one was different from your normal car one. I even added a few “jumps” for the dirt bike and snowmobile, BIG HIT. Continue reading

Who isn’t looking for the latest and greatest in kid products? I know I always am. I have found a few things that I’m pretty sure my boys and I could not live without so why not share the knowledge, right?!

First off is this ADORABLE night-light from Philips. My little Rayce is obsessed with Mickey Mouse so this light made perfect sense when I found it. It’s made of a soft and cuddly rubber and best of all, it’s rechargeable! It sits on a little base during the day charging and he takes it to bed each night. No batteries, no boogie man, a complete WIN and a MUST have. Amazon also carries other characters that are equally adorable, check out Spider-Man, Olaf, Sofia the First and Minnie Mouse!

Mickey Night Light.2

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How many times during the summer have you heard “I’m bored.” “I have nothing to do.” “What are we going to do next?” If you have then you are living in my nightmare times five. I can’t say six since my baby can’t talk yet but my other five kids are already starting the summer time boredom and I have already said “Well then let’s get a bag and go through your toys and get rid of some if you’re that bored.” With that being said it also makes me feel like a failure as a mother since I see all these amazing moms on Facebook, Pinterest and on blogs that are doing amazing things with their kids and all I can do is take them swimming and wish that it was bed time. It’s sad but true. Which brings me to today’s post and my chance at redemption and the chance to end the summer time boredom. Continue reading