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It’s almost my FAVORITE time of year: SUMMER!!! Flip flops, sunshine, swimming, camping, shorts, the 4th of July, shaved ice, I could go on and on. But one of my very favorite reasons?! My kids are HOME! I’ll just admit it now, I’m one of those crazy moms that cries when summer is over and my kids run off to school. I LOVE having them home all summer but it always goes by too fast.

I always have great intentions of doing fun, new things multiple times a week but as soon as summer hits my brain goes blank. I decided now was the perfect time to put together a list of summer boredom busters. A lot of these activities don’t cost a thing! I’ve included a printable list, easy to skim over and quickly choose an activity or printable cards, throw them in a box and draw out an activity.

List of Summer Boredom Busters

Summer Boredom Buster Card Printable

Summer Boredom Busters List Printable

As a super fun added idea, take pictures of all your summer fun activities and make a summer scrapbook!

These are just a few ideas. Share your summer fun ideas with us by commenting below or using #dreamsandmidnightjabber




So I always have the best of intentions getting ahead of things when it comes to holidays. Some, of course, aren’t as big of a deal as others but I still like to have things around the house for the kiddos.

Easter is one of the holidays where I like the reason for the season more than the commercial aspect of it. Which in turn, means I don’t have a ton of decorating items around my house when Easter does come. Ironically, Marie mentioned a few weeks ago that she’d like me to do a couple of Easter printables, I thought, “Well, now is a good time as any.” And ahead of schedule? Wow, this never happens.

So thanks to Marie, she inspired me and I set out to put a couple of pieces together. I think they turned out pretty cute. I thought, if you’re anything like me, it would be nice to have it before the holiday rather than after when it’s on sale. Ha! Continue reading

Happy December 1st everyone!! Not to stress anybody out but there’s only 24 days until Christmas! TWENTY-FOUR!! Who’s ready? I’m not, not one little bit — I do have my tree up and decorated. It’s the shopping I’ve been dreading however, to get me into the Christmas-giving spirit we’re offering a free printable for you today. Super nice of us, right? Continue reading

Well, I’m sure this comes with mixed emotions but school will be starting soon (in some areas it already has) but the truth is, it’s coming whether or not we want it to. When I was trying to figure out what to do for my blog post this week, I decided it would be fun to come up with a back-to-school-themed post. I wanted to make something that maybe not a lot of people have, something unique and cute. Hence my idea for a “Back to School” bunting printable was born. Thank goodness Marie came to visit this week because she helped me figure out exactly what I needed to do to make it look cute. Second opinions are always nice, right? Misty even offered her opinion after I told her what I was working on. Her response, “How dare you make something back to school related.” Haha! Yep, I’m pretty evil.
Continue reading

Who’s ready for summer?! This girl! More importantly, who’s ready to be done with school so you can enjoy some time away from books, studying and early mornings?! This girl! Ok, this doesn’t REALLY apply to me. I don’t have kiddos in school…yet. However, my world still revolves around school schedules somewhat because when school is out that means more time with my family and in particular, my sisters! YAY! That said, I can still empathize with all those school-aged children. I do happen to still remember my high school and college days. Counting down the days to summer was about the ONLY thing that got me through it. I remember cramming for tests and staying up late only to wake up early with bags under my eyes. Ahhh, the good ol’ days! But when summer came — that was when the fun began!

Sadly, the days of books, homework and studying will return much to soon for me once my 4-year-old starts going to school. Then our summers will become a treasured time for us (not that they aren’t now, because they are, but you know what I mean). It’s weird how once you have a child in school you view your summers differently. Continue reading