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Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to sew. For years I struggled to find the perfect caddy to keep all my supplies in. A couple years ago I came up with this toolbox sewing caddy and it’s seriously the best way to organize all my supplies.  This is super simple to make and only requires a few supplies.

Toolbox (I purchased an old used one from our local Army Surplus store for $10)
Spray Paint
Vinyl Words

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I love a great skirt and I have to say that a maxi is my favorite. No zippers or snaps, just straight up comfort. Several years ago I came across this adorable ruffle maxi skirt on A Small Snippet. I fell in love with it and wanted to make it, but by the time I went back to make it the instructions were no longer available. I knew that I could figure it out. I went through my scrap fabric and found some jersey knit fabric and I was off and running. I have to say that I am SO in love with this skirt.


3 yards Jersey Knit-that’s how much I had on hand but I didn’t use it all
Coordinating thread
Straight Pins
Sewing Machine
Ballpoint Needle/Jersey Needle-Essential

You don’t need a pattern for this but I made one so that when I make another one the basic maxi part will be easy.  I measured my waist at 34″ with a 32″ length for a regular maxi skirt. I left the length but removed 9″ before I cut it to allow for the ruffle allowance. That made my actual length 23″. Double the fabric so that you are cutting out both sides at the same time. Lay pattern on fabric, pin in place and cut it out.


Cut a 34″ x 10″ strip, this will be the waistband. Set aside.

For the ruffles cut out 2 9″ x 74″ strips and 2 6″ x 74″ Strips. Set aside.

Pin right sides of skirt together and zigzag stitch up both sides.

Place right sides of waist band together and zigzag stitch together.

At this point I tried my skirt on and realized it was WAY to big because of how stretchy my jersey was so I had to make some adjustments. But it is easier to remove than it is to add so I put my skirt on and pinned what I needed to remove. Continue reading

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE customizing things. If you remember a few weeks back I shared Holden’s adorable nursery with a picture of his custom woodland sheet. I’ve had this cute deer head fabric for a while now and I decided it’s time to make another sheet.

Crib Sheet Tutorial Supplies
2 yards cotton, cotton-blend woven or flannel fabric (43″ or 45″ wide fabric will work)
1/4″ braided elastic
Sewing machine (a serger makes it SUPER fast if you have access to one) Continue reading

For more than a year now, my husband and I have tried to follow a budget using Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System. For those of you who haven’t heard of the envelope system before, it’s pretty simple (his website goes into a lot more detail) but basically you sit down and figure out your expenses — groceries, entertainment, gas, etc. — and then decide on how much money from each paycheck you want to pull for each of those expenses. This is where the envelopes come in. After you’ve figured out how much money you’re going to pull, put that amount in envelope marked accordingly. I also keep a coupon envelope just so I can have them all in once place and easy to grab.

For us, groceries and entertainment are our bigger expenses so every two weeks I pull the following (keep in mind, we’re a family of four so of course the amount would change depending on your family’s needs):

Groceries: $200
Entertainment: $40

If your envelope runs out of money before the next paycheck, in no way are you suppose to take money from another envelop or pull more. You HAVE to wait until your next paycheck. We have definitely had our weeks where sticking to the budget hasn’t been easy and we’ve had to adjust our amount a few times but we’ve noticed we’ve done a lot better with our money since we started using envelopes. Continue reading

A couple years ago I made a few of these cute little Grab-and-Go Car Mats and they were a BIG hit (if I do say so myself). This cute little mat is perfect for entertaining little ones at a restaurant, a doctor appointment, at church, or anywhere really!

Car Mat Collage 1

I made this one specifically for my boys who LOVE tractors, snowmobiles and dirt bikes. So this one was different from your normal car one. I even added a few “jumps” for the dirt bike and snowmobile, BIG HIT. Continue reading

I had this idea a while back when I was making my nephew’s t-shirt quilt. His older brother was getting married and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be FUN to make an apron for his fiancé out of one of his old jerseys?!” If anyone knows me they know I LOVE to give sentimental gifts so I thought this one was brilliant. When I sat down to do it (extremely last minute!) I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and easy it was. Can I just say I LOVE it when a project goes smoothly. Almost unheard of, right? Well it was my lucky day! If you’ve got an old jersey lying around grab it and lets get started! Continue reading

If you are anything like me and make something for one child chances are one of your other children will want one too. I feel like I am in one of those “If you give a Mouse a Cookie” books it leads to anther thing and will just start over again. And while I love my kids and I love to sew, doing something for the 4th time would mean I was a pro right? Not yet.  Maybe someday. But not today. With that being said I didn’t have any problems with this adorable messenger bag that my sister and I saw and thought that we could make ourselves. It came with its share of trial and error but it is such a fun bag and my kids actually started out using them for their church bags and have since started using them as their secret spy bags. LOVE IT!!!

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For those of you who don’t know me I have a slight ObSeSsIoN with sewing. I’m always looking for new patterns of fun, cute things to sew. A couple years ago my sister-in-law asked me to tackle a project for her graduating son, a t-shirt quilt made from some of his junior high & high school sports shirts and jerseys. This year her youngest son was graduating and she asked me to make one for him too. This time I decided to document it so I could share it all with you! I think if you have a basic-moderate understanding of sewing you should understand what I’m talking about just fine. So, let’s get started. Continue reading