So I always have the best of intentions getting ahead of things when it comes to holidays. Some, of course, aren’t as big of a deal as others but I still like to have things around the house for the kiddos.

Easter is one of the holidays where I like the reason for the season more than the commercial aspect of it. Which in turn, means I don’t have a ton of decorating items around my house when Easter does come. Ironically, Marie mentioned a few weeks ago that she’d like me to do a couple of Easter printables, I thought, “Well, now is a good time as any.” And ahead of schedule? Wow, this never happens.

So thanks to Marie, she inspired me and I set out to put a couple of pieces together. I think they turned out pretty cute. I thought, if you’re anything like me, it would be nice to have it before the holiday rather than after when it’s on sale. Ha!

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