I know I’m not the ONLY mom out there who yells, screams and jumps up and down when their kid makes a touchdown, right? …RIGHT?! What better way to cheer your kid on than with a giant poster of their head?! I’ve seen these awesome Big Head Cut Outs from a friend online and thought I’d take the quick, DIY approach to make my own. Let’s get started…

Picture (I ordered a 20×24 print from Sam’s Club)
Foam Poster Board (optional…I had mine professionally mounted…read more about it below)
Duct Tape
Paint Stick

Picmonkey collage

Before and After edit on picmonkey.com

I took a simple headshot of my son. I then uploaded the picture onto my computer to do some editing work on it. If it’s going to be a big shot of his head I want it to be perfect right?! If you have never heard of picmonkey you are SERIOUSLY MISSING out! I LOVE them! It’s a quick, foolproof way to edit pictures. You can use it for free or pay for a (cheap) yearly subscription and have access to LOTS of additional editing options. Seriously, check. them. out.


Finished size ended up being about 9″x13″

I ordered a 20″x24″ picture from my local Sam’s Club. I took it straight to a local framing company, The Framing Corner. They have done TONS of custom work for me and they are super affordable. I had them do all the ‘dirty’ work. They cut around the face of the picture and mounted it to the foam board for me. Ahhh…made life so easy for me. If you aren’t able to find a company to do this part you could easily do it yourself. Simply pick up some Foam Board (there are various colors available) and some good Spray Adhesive. Cut out the picture and using the spray adhesive, adhere it to the foam board. I’d then lay something really heavy on top of it until it’s dry. Once completely dry I’d carefully cut the foam board down around the face using a razor blade or box cutter.


Once that part is done you’ll attach your paint stick. I wanted everything to look really clean and put together so I added a quick coat of black paint to my paint stick. Once that was dry I simply taped the stick to the back of the fathead. Again, using coordinating colored duct tape so everything blended well.


THAT’S IT! We are OFFICIALLY ReAdY for football season, yelling, screaming, jumping up and down, with fathead in hand! I’m DEFINITELY making one of him wearing his snowmobile helmet for his snowmobile races this winter. Share the one you’ve made with us and be sure to tag us! #dreamsandmidnightjabber