I think that I am finally ready to start the fun process of really decorating my house. Yes, I have things on shelves and pillows on couches but I haven’t really begun to hang things on the wall. With that being said I think that I will start with one room at a time. I completed my daughter’s room about 3 months ago and that seemed like a wonderful project to do, but as to where to go from there I wasn’t sure. So I’ve decided to start small. A bathroom. I can’t screw that up right, not too many holes and not too much decor.

I came across this bathroom makeover on iheartnaptime (by the way love this blog) and fell in love with this shelf frame that this she found. I didn’t even try to find it since she said she had purchased it years ago. So what was my first thought? I can make one. Easy right? Actually it was. But it took me months to get motivated to do it. See I am ashamed to say that I bought the frame in October, thinking the whole time “I’ll do this for my next blog post.” I can’t tell you how many times my sisters heard me say that. Good news is I am finally doing it. I also did some research and found this great tutorial to help me get started.

  supplies need for frame shelf


16X24 Frame
12 1/2 Feet 1X3-Got mine at Home Depot at $1.29 a Foot
L Brackets
Wood Glue
Hammer/Nail Gun-What I used, much easier
Brad Nails-If not using a nail gun
Spray Paint

On the back of the frame you will want to remove two of the hanging brackets to reuse them later when it is time to hang your frame shelf.


Begin by cutting your 1X3’s. I used a compound miter saw to cut my wood. It made it simple and easy. A valuable lesson that I learned during this project, make sure you don’t cut on the line. Cut behind the line. If you cut on the line it will make your board smaller then what you measured and then you won’t have the right size. I had to run to the store for more wood. Not a fun learning experience for me, but not one that I will forget again. You will need to cut two 1X3’s at 24 inches and two at 14 1/2 inches. This will create your outside box for your frame. I made sure that it would fit inside my frame before I nailed it together. It was a perfect fit.


Then cut two 1X3’s at 22 3/8 inches, I know strange measurements, I work really well with wholes, halves and quarters so this was not fun for me. These are for the vertical boards of the shelf. Nail them into place, spacing them 4 1/4 inches apart.


You will cut eight 1X3’s at 4 3/8 inches. Some of these will be tight, I had to adjust my sizes a little as I was placing them on the shelf. nail them into place. Your space on the outside shelves is 5 inches apart. On the middle shelf it will be 7 1/4 from the top board and the bottom board.


Sand any rough edges you might have. It’s time to paint. A valuable lesson I learned was not to leave your spray paint in the garage. I ended up having to bring it in the house to let it warm up before I could use it. NOT SMART. It took three coats to get it how white I wanted it, but I loved the end result. I have an old trampoline that I kept that has come in quite handy for spray painting projects. Make sure to let it dry completely.


Now the fun part-putting it together. Begin by making sure it fits in your frame now that it is all together. Grab your glue and place glue around the inside of the whole frame. Place your shelving unit inside the frame and make sure that it is centered and snug. Wipe up any excess glue with a damp cloth and allow it to dry. Add the L brackets. I placed one on each side for added strength.


Screw your hanging brackets back on to the frame by placing them on the shelf on each of the outside edges.


It is important to caulk the seams on this shelf, unfortunantly when I went to use my caulk it was cracked so I’m going to have to run and get some new white caulk and post a caulked picture next week, not what I wanted to do, so stay tuned for the final finished product.

shelf picture 1

For now I couldn’t wait to hang it and at least see what it would look like and I have to say I LOVE how it turned out. Is it perfect? No, but it has motivated me to do some more wood projects that I have been procrastinating. Let us know if you have done some fun projects. We love hearing from you. Be sure to share your pictures if you make one of this great bathroom shelves.