I love a great skirt and I have to say that a maxi is my favorite. No zippers or snaps, just straight up comfort. Several years ago I came across this adorable ruffle maxi skirt on A Small Snippet. I fell in love with it and wanted to make it, but by the time I went back to make it the instructions were no longer available. I knew that I could figure it out. I went through my scrap fabric and found some jersey knit fabric and I was off and running. I have to say that I am SO in love with this skirt.


3 yards Jersey Knit-that’s how much I had on hand but I didn’t use it all
Coordinating thread
Straight Pins
Sewing Machine
Ballpoint Needle/Jersey Needle-Essential

You don’t need a pattern for this but I made one so that when I make another one the basic maxi part will be easy.  I measured my waist at 34″ with a 32″ length for a regular maxi skirt. I left the length but removed 9″ before I cut it to allow for the ruffle allowance. That made my actual length 23″. Double the fabric so that you are cutting out both sides at the same time. Lay pattern on fabric, pin in place and cut it out.


Cut a 34″ x 10″ strip, this will be the waistband. Set aside.

For the ruffles cut out 2 9″ x 74″ strips and 2 6″ x 74″ Strips. Set aside.

Pin right sides of skirt together and zigzag stitch up both sides.

Place right sides of waist band together and zigzag stitch together.

At this point I tried my skirt on and realized it was WAY to big because of how stretchy my jersey was so I had to make some adjustments. But it is easier to remove than it is to add so I put my skirt on and pinned what I needed to remove.


Then I laid it on the ground and pinned what I needed to remove to make it fit me better. Once pinned I sewed along my pins and met up with the side seam. Much better results.


Turn band right side out and fold in half. I pinned mine on each 1/4 of the band so that that it would be easier to line it up when I attached it to the skirt.


With skirt right side out, line the band up with the pins, make sure that the seam on the band lines up with one of the seams on the skirt. The open end of the skirt pins to the top of the skirt. Next, bunch up the skirt and stick it inside of the band. Pin it in place and zig zag stitch all around.


Skirt is done. Now it’s time for the ruffles. Take the two 6″ strips and sew two of the ends together so that it’s a 148″ strip. Do the same with the 9″ strip.

Next, do a baste stitch across the top of the 6″ strip and the 9″ strip. Then grab the bottom thread on the 6″ strip and pull it to create the strip, pulling slowly to create the ruffle so that it doesn’t break the thread. Repeat this with the 9″ strip as well.


When complete they will be the same size as the bottom of the skirt — 60″. Lay the 6″ strip on top of the 9″ strip.


Pin the two layers of ruffles together on the ends and sew together before attaching to the skirt.


I wanted the ruffles to be on the outside of my skirt so I pinned it all together on the right sides.


I loved the end result and can’t wait to wear it. My daughter was invested in the whole process and I now want to make one for her. But I love the other fabrics that I bought and so I will have to take her shopping to pick out her own. It is so comfortable and the fit is perfect. It was a fast and simple project. Let us know if you make one. We’d love to see it.