If you’ve never heard of PicMonkey I might just ask you if you’ve been living in a hole?! …Just kidding, I won’t. In fact, if you haven’t heard about it I’m actually SUPER excited to introduce it to you. It’s AMAZING!!!!!!! It’s basically online Photoshop, quick and easy photo editing that’s fast and simple to do. I have Photoshop and I simply don’t get it so I’ve been using PicMonkey for a few years now and I absolutely LOVE it! 

PicMonkey Home Page
Besides offering photo editing, the website also offers a variety of features including collages and Facebook cover designing. I’m just going to focus on my favorites of photo editing.

The website offers “Royale” membership which gives you full access to all the editing options for only $4.99/month or $39.99 a year (I suggest the yearly membership for the best deal). Trust. Me. it’s TOTALLY worth it! They also offer a free trial of Royale for a week so I highly recommend doing that. Make sure you start your trial at a time that’s good for you, when you actually have some time to sit down and truly try it out. They also just came out with a mobile app, can you say YAY?! SO EXCITED to try this out!
PicMonkey App
Start off by selecting and uploading the photo you’d like to edit. Under the “Basic Edits” tab you can crop, rotate, adjust exposure and more.
PicMonkey Basic Edits2
Next I’d suggest moving on to the “Touch Up” tab. This section can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I have a photo from Holden’s newborn session that I’ve honestly edited MULTIPLE times and I still can’t seem to get it right. But on the other hand it’s great for quick fixes, like airbrushing, teeth whitening, blemish fix, red-eye remover and more.
PicMonkey Touch Up
There’s also a great option for cropping unwanted things out, “Cloning”, I’ll warn you though this takes LOTS of patience and practice. But once you figure it out it’s awesome. (Can you figure out what’s been cut out?)
PicMonkey Clone2
After that you are officially ready to dive into the additional editing options. Under the “Effects” tab there are a lot of fun options. “Tried and True” has some awesome effects and I honestly couldn’t pick just one favorite. It’s fun to just click around and experiment with what looks best. A lot of it depends on what’s in your picture. Different effects look better with different photos. They’ve also just introduced some fun new options under “Black and White” that are more dramatic than just your basic black and white.
 PicMonkey Tried and True 3
Once you’re done touching up and editing your photo there’s some fun finishing touches. You could add text, a frame or themes.
PicMonkey Text
I have grown to LOVE editing my own photos, so much so, that I actually ask my photographer NOT to edit them, because I enjoy doing it so much. Here are some fun photo transformations I’ve done with the help of PicMonkey.
PicMonkey Family Before and After
PicMonkey Baby Announcement Before and After
PicMonkey Holden Newborn Before and After
PicMonkey Holden Helmet Picture Before and After
PicMonkey Holden and I Before and After
This website is seriously SO user friendly. Just play around on it until you’re comfortable with it. If you have questions comment below, I’d be happy to help!