Who’s ready for a mind-blowing, super easy craft project?? I’ve got you covered! The picture below basically tells it all. 🙂

Michael's Artminds™ Wooden Laser Cut Frames

A while back I was strolling through Michael’s and a couple of their wooden laser cutouts caught my eye and I knew I’d eventually be buying a couple for my walls. These laser cutouts are awesome and can be used for so many things! My problem came down to trying to figure out exactly what I would do with them and where I would put them when I was done.

After debating for a couple weeks on which one I like the most, I finally settled on getting two of the lace laser cut wood plaques because I found the perfect spot for them in my house.

Michael's Lace Laser Cut Wood Plaque By ArtMinds

I have an archway leading into my kitchen with two bare walls on both sides. I love the fact that this plaque would fill up the space while keeping it simple. Once I had decided which one I wanted the other steps came fairly easily.

Here’s what you’ll need:


Michael’s Wood Plaques
Paint (I used craft and regular household)
Vinyl Lettering or Stencil
Paint Roller
Paint Brushes

Once I had all my material, I was ready to go.


I began by painting the plaques an off-white. I used Olympic’s Winter Mood — which happened to be the leftover paint I used for my media cabinet makeover. I did two coats.


Once they were both completely dry, it was time for the vinyl. My sweet friend who, in my opinion is quite the expert in making vinyl lettering signs, let me use her Silhouette and vinyl to cut out the words. She also helped me decide on going with a  stenciled version as well as came over when it was actually time to put them on the boards. I’m a first-timer and didn’t want to mess it up.

We cut around the vinyl to make it easier to see the placement on the board and then once we thought it looked center and level we peeled the backing off and placed it on the board. If you’re going with the stencil version, make sure to run either your fingernail or a credit card along the edges to get all the bubbles out and to seal it around the part you’ll be painting.

Once the lettering was placed on the board, it was time to get painting. There’s two ways to do this — either use the paint as is or add a little water to give it a whitewashed look. I have never tried whitewashing so I decided I’d try it for this project.

Apple Barrel Tuscan Teal Acrylic Paint

I used Apple Barrel’s Tuscan Teal for the lettering. To get the whitewashed look we put some of the paint in a cup and then slowly added water until it was, what we thought, a good consistency.

Michael's Wooden Laser Cut out Frame Vinyl Stencil

Then start painting. I did just one coat and then let it dry completely. This step didn’t take long at all since it was watered down and only had one coat.

Then it was time for the big reveal! I peeled off the vinyl and I think they look awesome!!



I did have to touch up some of the teal that seeped under the vinyl but it wasn’t much and it didn’t take long.

This seriously took no time at all and they have been the perfect addition to my bare walls!