Now that school is back in session I think I may actually have time to curl my hair, paint my nails and spend a little more time on my makeup…haha who am I kidding?! I’ve got a baby!!! But seriously, over the past few months I’ve discovered some great beauty products that I simply can’t live without. And as an added bonus none of them are more than $20! 

Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy Skin Lotion
Gold Bond Rough & Bumpy Skin Cream

One word: Amazing!!! Trust me, this lotion is awesome!!! It works wonders on those annoying little bumps you get on the back of your arms. I wanted to take before and after pics but for whatever reason I couldn’t get the lighting right in the before picture to show the skin texture. But seriously, this stuff WORKS. Just use it faithfully for a week or two and you will see results!

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Hair Serum

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Smoothing Hair Serum

I’ve actually been using this hair serum for the past few years. Apply it to damp hair after shampoo and conditioner then style as normal. This is great for getting that sleek, smooth finish, especially if you have dry hair like mine!

Pure Ice Shine Lock It Down Top Coat

Pure Ice Shine Lock It Down Top Coat Nail Polish

I decided to try this on a whim one day when I was purchasing some fun new nail polish. I have acrylic nails so I was getting this specifically for my toes. I honestly didn’t have any high expectations for it since I’m used to my polish chipping away after a week or so but honestly this top coat blew me out of the water!!!! My polish does not chip at all. I can enjoy cute painted toes for weeks now thanks to this amazing (cheap) polish! YAY!!!!


 Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover

This makeup remover is a fairly recent find. I finally gave in and got eyelash extensions after YEARS of wanting them and so I needed to find an oil free makeup remover. I was completely in the dark about what to choose and didn’t have time to ask around for opinions on what brands were good so I simply went to the store and read the labels on the bottles…exciting right? That’s exactly how I found this one. What sealed the deal for me was the 100% oil free and the fact that it claimed to remove even waterproof makeup. This is honestly great and wipes away my eyeliner in one single wipe and takes off the waterproof mascara from my bottom lashes basically effortlessly.

For more awesome beauty products be sure to check out Marie’s favorites, Michelle’s favorites plus more of my favorites here and here. Have a great beauty product you can’t live without? Or did you try out one of these great products? I’d love to hear from you!