After running kids around and trying to keep them entertained throughout the day, it’s nice to have a little quiet time at the end of the day. Our boys love watching movies, popping some “pop-pop” (as our 1-year-old likes to call popcorn) and snuggling up on the couch for some good ol’ family time. Remember the projector screen we made a few months ago? Yep, we are still loving it! At our house, as I’m sure in most homes, we have a few favorites that we seem to watch ALL THE TIME. They can get old fast…even though the kids don’t seem to mind. Sometimes my saving grace is Netflix.

Just recently, I started noticing they must be trying to cater to mom’s like me because they’ve started adding the coolest kid’s shows. They’re the coolest because these are shows I use to watch growing up (or at least remakes of them). Ahhhh, childhood memories! Who doesn’t want to share some of that with their kids?

So when the boys ask for a show or a movie, I have to admit, I sometimes don’t give them a choice and I turn on one of these family-friendly, throw-me-back shows:


Who didn’t love the Pound Puppies growing up? And who doesn’t love puppies? This is a great show for us because my boys adore puppies. There’s 3 seasons and I think we’re through the first season already. It’s definitely one of those shows I put on when I need a few minutes to get ready.


Remember Popples??? I do and I LOVED them. I had one and I believe Marie had one too. Talk about reliving my childhood all over again. This show is adorable and one I could sit down and watch.


My 5-year-old, Max, started watching these recently and he is hooked. We loved the movie that came out a few years ago so he already knew about Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It really is a cute show and one that Max could probably watch all day if I let him. 🙂


The Care Bears are back and adorable as ever! I love Netflix for offering such a variety of throwback shows. This has got to be one of my all time favorite shows and I’m so excited to share this with the boys. They may think I’m weird but I don’t care. This is what moms do. Ha!


When Netflix started adding Disney shows to their lineup, I wanted to have a Disney marathon. I didn’t care how long it would take, I was going to do it. Of course, life happens and the marathon didn’t happen but the Disney movies are on our list. We will watch them all, eventually. They have a ton of classics like the Fox and the Hound, Fantasia, Peter Pan and Dumbo…just to name a few.

Shows for Mommy

Now for some shows the boys might be too young to watch now but ones that this mommy will be watching (and sharing with them when they’re old enough).


I. LOVED. THIS. MOVIE. Who remembers Labyrinth and all the crazy characters? It felt like I watched this movie a million times when I was younger and it’s still as awesome as it was back then. I do have to say it’s kind of fun to watch such an old movie (wow, am I admitting I’m old?) because the graphics can get pretty hilarious. We’ve come a long way since 1986 but this will always be a classic to me and one, I think, everyone should experience.


I was so excited to share this one with Max. However, I think he’s a little young for it still. We watched it for about 10 minutes before he lost interest. I don’t remember it being scary but as I watched it with him I could tell he wasn’t a fan of some of the stuff. Without a doubt, this is one I’ll share with him and little brother when their older but one I’ll enjoy until then.


Oh my heck! This show rocked growing up. I remember watching Jem on Saturday mornings and wishing I was her! I’m sure this is one the boys probably won’t enjoy too much so I think I’ll secretly watch it when I have a few extra minutes. Talk about nearly making me cry! This would be a good one to catch up on before seeing the movie that was released this year. I have a feeling I’ll like the cartoon more but it’s kind of fun getting to see Jem come to life on the big screen.

There you have it. A quick list of some of the shows I’ll be sharing with the boys so they can experience a few things from mommy’s childhood. Getting all nostalgic over here!

Are there shows on Netflix or Amazon that take you back? I’m sure I’ve missed some.