I have loved having a new home but one of the things that I have struggled with is decorating, and not just decorating but trying to decide where I want to hang things. I’m afraid once I hang something up I won’t love where it is, want to move it and then I’m in trouble because there’s a hole in my brand new wall. It’s all a very scary thought. So instead of dealing with the whole house I started with my daughter’s room. So there is one completed room in the house and I have to say I LOVE IT!!!! And I think Paityn does too, when it’s clean. She is 9 years old so you can imagine how often that happens.

Back in May I shared with you the herringbone wall I did in her room and said that when I had completed her room I would share pictures. Well I’m happy to say that today is that day. We finally hung curtains (I know curtains, such a stupid thing) and something that I have had since we moved in but they finally got hung and I am ready to share what we have done.

color pallet

This was the color pallet that she and I chose for her bedroom. When we were looking on Pinterest there were so many fun ideas that we could incorporate in her room now and as she gets older. We loved the aqua/turquoise, coral and the navy blue, gray were great neutrals that we knew we would always be able to find in the future. Plus they were such fun trendy colors.


Her headboard is one that we had from an old bed set. It was brown and I knew we could make it work with a little bit of spray paint. It took 3 coats but it turned out great and matches the coral look that we were going for perfectly. The comforter set we found is perfect and has all the colors in it, even better is that it’s reversible so if Paityn ever wants to change things up she can. It came with the 2 shams, the comforter and the 2 decorative pillows.


When we picked Paityn’s colors we were visiting Michelle in Boise, one of our favorite stores to visit there is Gordmans. It’s amazing, great prices and great items. When we went shopping I had no intentions of buying house decorations since we had just barely broke ground on our house but when I found the pictures on the left I knew they were perfect for Paityn’s room, the colors, the sayings, everything.  Another great find were the wings. There’s this great store in Idaho Falls, Idaho called Vintage Emporium, it’s a furniture store with antiques and vintage items. I absolutely love this place and if you visit my home you will see this. When I bought these wings they were hot pink but I used the same spray paint that I used on the head-board and just repainted them to match and I love the end look.


This great shelf was a garage sale find that we got for $3 bucks. A quick coat of turquoise spray paint and Paityn had a shelf to hang her dance medals and a place to place her trinkets. Who doesn’t love a good garage sale?


When doing a girl’s room one of the most important things is the light and what girl doesn’t want a chandelier? I found this chandelier and have been happy with it ever since. It fills the space perfectly and gives off a great amount of light. I love the color and Paityn loves the feel that it gives her room. I have to admit that I’m a little bit jealous.


Paityn’s room has the perfect spot for a vanity. This is my last project. I bought this at Vintage Emporium (see I told you I love their stuff) back when we lived in our old house and at the time it matched her colors in her room so it’s time to redo it. It’s the perfect size to grow up with her just the pink is not the right color. But it’s fits in her room now so that’s where it will stay until we decide what we are going to do with it.IMG_7138

The ottoman is the one that I shared back in August. It is still a favorite of mine. definitely a favorite of Paityn’s, she does us it to sit on but it is where she throws her clothes when she is done using them, not sure yet if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, better than the floor I guess.

Her bedroom is complete. We both love it and are excited to create memories there. She loves playing legos and dolls and singing karaoke in there for now and I am sure as she gets older there will be plenty of talk of boys and late night phone calls and tears shed as she becomes an amazing young woman. For now I am grateful to have created a place she feels comfortable to call hers and can retreat to when her brothers drive her crazy. Maybe now I will be motivated to decorate another room in the house. If you have any advice on how to get started feel free to share some. We’d love to hear from you.