How many times during the summer have you heard “I’m bored.” “I have nothing to do.” “What are we going to do next?” If you have then you are living in my nightmare times five. I can’t say six since my baby can’t talk yet but my other five kids are already starting the summer time boredom and I have already said “Well then let’s get a bag and go through your toys and get rid of some if you’re that bored.” With that being said it also makes me feel like a failure as a mother since I see all these amazing moms on Facebook, Pinterest and on blogs that are doing amazing things with their kids and all I can do is take them swimming and wish that it was bed time. It’s sad but true. Which brings me to today’s post and my chance at redemption and the chance to end the summer time boredom.

You have all seen them, I am sure, but my kids were excited to see it on my fridge. The Fun Summer Schedule. Simple yet brilliant, and inexpensive too.


So the idea is to do something different each day. You can do whatever fits into your schedule. I am one who likes ideas so for me on Monday we will be doing things like a craft, recipe, or building something. I think along with this I will start youngest to oldest and let each child choose what they would like to do. That works best in our family that way everyone gets a turn and everyone is happy. Tuesday is “Time to Read which means take a trip to the library. My kids think it’s AMAZING. I am not good about going there so to be able to go on a weekly basis will be fantastic. Wednesday will be a blast for the kids. This could intel many things – a lake, a water park, sprinkler under the trampoline, splash pad or slip n’ slide. Yes, as you can see, this Wednesday we are doing Bunch O Balloons. If you don’t know what it is check them out. They are AMAZING. Thursday is “Take a Trip” so we will be going to the movies – here they do discount summer movie tickets so those are handy. Other ideas include going hiking, to a museum, to a park, or bowling. Just somewhere fun, different and exciting for the kids. Friday is kind of a fun day for me too. It is a chance to do some of the fun things that I have pinned on Pinterest to do with my kids but we’re actually going to do them.

Some of you may be thinking “So fun summer all around?”  “No chores? No responsibility? ” “When do I get to move in?”  Well that’s where this chart comes into play.


We have certain things that have to get accomplished in the morning and then when those are accomplished we can move on to the fun things. I am currently working on the daily job chart and you should hear the groans of my children. Life is so hard but hard-working children equals hard-working adults and I believe that will only make this world a better place.

We are excited for our fun summer. We will post some pictures of some of our fun adventures that we try. Let us know if you try anything fun so that we can try it too.