I will be the first to admit that I am not a health food nut. I don’t like to watch what I eat. But I do LOVE to exercise. I go to the gym regularly and get on my treadmill 6 days a week. Did it come easily for me? No. Do I love it now? Yes. Do I hate it when I miss a day? Yes, it drives me crazy. I am one of those people who exercise so that she can eat what she wants. I know that’s not the way it should be but it’s the truth. I love food and no one is going to change my mind. With that being said I know that many of us set our New Year’s resolutions for being more healthy or to lose weight. In fact, in 2015, fitness was the number one resolution. So today’s post is to help you in some small way to achieve that goal with some of the things that have helped me to achieve my goals.

I should start off by saying that some of the exercise videos that I have fallen in love with are Beachbody videos. I am not a Beachbody coach nor do I do them everyday. I love the 21 Day Fix, if you only have 30 or so minutes and want an intense workout that uses light to medium weights then this is a great place to start. I also own Piyo and have really enjoyed the results from it. It is a mix of pilates and yoga. I’m not super flexible so this makes me feel extremely awkward.

One of the best exercise tips that I can give is find a time that works for you and make sure you stick to that schedule. I set my alarm to go off at 6 am. I get up and get on my treadmill until 7. It gives me a good hour where I know that I can dedicate to myself. It wasn’t easy at first but now it is a time that I totally look forward to. If it’s not the treadmill, find something that works for you and start small, whether it’s 20 minutes or 30 and work up from there. Something is better then nothing. I find that I am a better mom for taking the time to improve my health.


Let’s talk food. Like I said, I still eat what I want. Every once in a while I will go on a health kick to lose 5 pounds if that’s what I want to do but for the most part I eat what I want and drink a pop a day (no judgment). I have however found some recipes that are both good and healthy. These egg and veggie muffins are easy and extremely yummy. I enjoy eating oatmeal for breakfast and have found Quaker steel cut oats, they take about 5 minutes to cook and keep me full until 11. I do sprinkle sugar on it and add about a 1/4 cup of whole milk but I have lost weight eating this for breakfast.

Another easy food option that I have found is Uncle Ben’s Ready Whole Grain Medley pouch the brown and wild rice. It cooks in the microwave for 90 seconds, add some chicken sprinkled with garlic salt and pepper and some steamed broccli and this meal is really delicious. Another easy meal supplement, or protein fix that I have found are Premier Protein High Protein Shake from Sam’s Club. It’s really delicious and at $18.98 for a 12 pack it’s a great deal. You get 30 grams of protein per drink.

I am also one of those crazy ladies who gets on Pinterest and pins hundreds of exercise ideas and these are some of my favorite that I’d like to try this year.

I love to exercise and realize that some days it’s not easy but I find that if I take the time to better myself then I am a better mom and wife. I love being healthy and seeing the results from hard work. Am I 100% happy with my body? No. Is there anyone who is? I doubt it. But everyday I get to try to be happy with myself and if exercise helps me with that then I’m going to keep doing it.

Before and after picture of me

I hope that some of the things that I have learned will help you achieve your fitness New Year’s resolution. It really is a simple thing to do if you start small and keep it simple. Build up as you get stronger and better. You are stronger then you realize. I hope that you will share with us any fitness success you have through out the year as well as ways you are getting there.