I love being a mom, but let’s be honest there are some moments when being a mom is not amazing. Like when a kid is sick and they totally miss the toilet and all of a sudden you are the only one left in the house who knows how to use a rag. That’s fun, cleaning up someone else’s throw up. Or how about when there’s a school project and it’s due tomorrow? But your kid has known about it for 2 weeks. That’s my favorite. Any mom’s relate to that? And my all time favorite — a blow out. It’s EVERYWHERE!!!! You are left wondering what they ate and how it is possible when they ate so little that it could make that big of a mess? Where to start? Do you save the clothes or just throw them away? And is it possible that you could pretend you didn’t know it was there and hurry and leave dad in charge? Yeah, being a mom has some great moments.

But my ALL time favorite part of being a mom is POTTY TRAINING (NOT). OK that is not entirely true. I have done it 5 times now and have it down to a science. I have only had a couple of set backs and I am not ashamed to admit that. It’s part of being human and a mom. So today’s post is to hopefully call out to all those moms who are ready to potty train or getting ready to. I am about 3 weeks away. I seriously feel that this is one of those things that you have to prepare for. Mentally and emotionally. I think the first thing that you have to do to tell yourself that you are going to do it. I just bought my last box of diapers. That’s right LAST box EVER!!! Those words are fantastic. The best advice I received from my sister-in-law when she helped me potty train my first and I can give you is once you start never go back. Once you take them out of diapers, never put them back in. This is a very important part of potty training. Now I am getting off track. I will be doing much more blogging as I go through my wonderful experience of potty training. This post is all about preparation.

There is a lot of advice out there. I am one in a million, so do what works for you. I am just sharing what has worked for me 5 times. So today I am going to help you gather the necessary items so that if you want to join me in a couple weeks you will be prepared.


Gerber Training Pants are amazing. They are more absorbent than normal underwear. So when your child has an accident it won’t all just run down their leg but will absorb into the underwear and it gives your child the feel of underwear. It will save your carpet. Definitely a must have. Walmart also carries them. They also come gender specific.

Training Chair: A training chair that sits on the floor is great. The child’s legs can reach and they aren’t terrified that they are going to fall off. You can even find some that make flushing sounds or that play music. Big toilets can be intimidating so a smaller version can make all the difference. If your child wants to be big like mom and dad then you can get the potty ring. It is the perfect size for their little bottoms and they can sit up and be a big kid.

Pull-ups: These are for going to town while you are training and at night time only. I know some people say to not go any where or do anything while potty training but I believe that is impossible but if you can do it hats off to you. I usually go insane. So Pull-ups are essential to give you a break if you need it and to help keep the bed dry until you are ready to conquer the night time training.

Underwear: I always take my kids to the store and let them pick out the underwear they want to wear when they are officially potty trained. It’s fun to be able choose their own style and feel like a big kid.

The next list of items are optional but have all been used by me. But have all come in very hand.

Books: My kids love to look at, read, and talk about books while they are on the potty. It amazing how much time can go by while enjoying a stack of books.

Electronic devices: My last son that I potty trained loved a game of Hide and Seek with animals on my Kindle. In this day and age where my kids know more than me about electronics, if they will sit on the toilet and try to pee or poop then they can play a game if they want to.

Sticker Chart/Prize/Candy: The reward system is AMAZING. Kids love to see progress or get a treat for good behavior. So I have done both. A sticker chart — one sticker for peeing and two stickers for pooping When it’s full they get a prize. Or Skittles or M&M’s each time they go. Whatever incentive works for your child.

Protective Bed Covering: Depending on the age of your child, if they are in a full size bed then this will be necessary. Especially when you are done with Pullups. I will share later my rule on night time potty training and what has worked for me.

A Timer: Sometimes it’s easier to keep track of how much time has gone by since the last time your child has gone potty. I set a timer and when it goes off it’s time to hit the bathroom again. Super simple and inexpensive.

The last thing that I can add to this list is PATIENCE. I remember feeling frazzled and frustrated but the thing to remember is that this is something every mother and child has to do. Their bodies can do this and we, as mothers, are amazing and can teach them to do this. So if you are ready and want some help don’t hesitate to join me on this amazing journey. I’m hoping that I can get a bunch of women who want to be a support group for one another and offer encouragement and advice through one of the hardest times of raising a toddler. We are training them to do something that is not easy for them to do. Patience will be your best friend on this ride. When it is all over you will be able to look back and be grateful that you can join the millions of woman that can say they potty trained a child and survived.