Well the cats out of the bag and I have finally announced on social media that our family is expecting a sweet baby boy in late December! Either the Lord knows what he’s doing or he’s got a really great sense of humor sending me my 3rd boy. I really am excited for this new bundle of joy and know that all 4 of my boys will forever spoil and take care of me. Perks of being the only girl, right? Pregnancy can be a wonderful, hard experience but I enjoy it every time. I’m one of those crazy ladies who LOVES being pregnant, despite all the potentially unpleasant things that accompanies it. I’ve always had a certain routine for trying to alleviate stretch marks. With some advice from a good friend years ago I have stuck with the routine through all pregnancies and it has worked remarkably. Please know that it will not work for everyone, but hey, it’s worth a try right?!

Here’s a list of all the items I use:
Body Scrub (the kind I use is from Victoria Secret)
Palmer’s Tummy Butter
Palmer’s Massage Cream
Palmer’s Massage Lotion (optional)

Some might find this pretty surprising or stupid but I start this routine pretty much as soon as I find out I’m pregnant. Even though it’s weeks before you’ll start growing and showing I feel like it’s important to really prep your skin for what’s ahead and also to help get you in the habit. I realize this may not be the cheapest routine out there but it WORKS for me. No stretch marks for me so far!

Body Scrub

They offer a variety of scents so you’re sure to find one to satisfy your pregnant nose!

The routine is pretty simple. Every shower you will use the body scrub on your chest, tummy, thighs, butt, etc (wherever you feel like you might get stretch marks). Exfoliating helps get rid of dead skin and keeps your skin feel smooth and soft while preparing it for all that lovely growing you’re about to do. Plus it gets skin ready for the lotion you are going to apply.

Stretch Marks Lotion Collage

After the shower you will apply the Palmer’s Massage Cream, focusing on the same areas you used the body scrub. Make sure to really massage it into your skin, use enough that you can feel it on your skin but that it’s still all rubbed in. You can choose to let it soak in for a bit or just get dressed. As a mom of 2 busy boys I usually just get dressed! The next time you shower use the Palmer’s Tummy Butter after (you’ll just keep alternating back and forth between the massage cream and tummy butter). I’ll warn you the tummy butter is super thick and creamy, hence the ‘butter’. It will leave your skin feeling pretty oily, but that’s ok. You want it to soak in overtime and keep your skin moisturized for a while. In the last few weeks of pregnancy I lean more towards using the tummy butter (over the massage cream) because I feel like it keeps your skin moisturized for longer.

Massage Lotion
So now you’re probably wondering where the massage lotion comes in. When I get about to the 6th or 7th month of my pregnancy, when my skin wants to do LOTS of stretching, I apply the massage lotion once during the day. I won’t go as far as to say that I do it everyday but I do it quite often, a few times a week. You’ll still be using the scrub, cream and butter during this time as well. Keep up this routine until the baby is born.

That’s all, I know it might seem overwhelming, time consuming and expensive to some but like I’ve said before, it’s worked for me twice already and I’m currently doing it with this pregnancy as well. Again, it won’t work for everyone, I honestly believe your skin type has a lot to do with it. And hey, even if you do get stretch marks, it’s not the end of the world, keep up with the routine because these products will help with the appearance of stretch marks too. And remember, there’s nothing more precious and amazing than bringing a baby into the world and no stretch mark should discourage you from doing just that.