I hate to admit this but for the sake of this blog I will sacrifice some of my-not-so-likable details about my house (probably won’t be the last time I do either). Our office – which happens to be right off the entry way – is also being used as our guest room. Not ideal but sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do. It really isn’t too bad. It is a decent size but as most houses go nowadays the door has a window and for people visiting the last thing they should have to worry about is the rest of the household watching them sleep or getting dressed. Just slightly awkward!


Awkward guest room door.

I needed to do something quick, cheap and something that down the road – since I hope the office won’t be a guest room for too long – reversible. At first I bought some window film. To me, the film seemed to thin for what I was trying to do. I think it would have worked if I wasn’t trying to create a pretty private area so I had to find something else.

Valspar has a frosting spray that I used before on our rental property so I know it would do exactly what I wanted and it ends up looking awesome. So I stopped off at our local Lowe’s paint department and picked up a can. The thing I love about the frosting spray is that when you’re tired of having frost on the windows all you need is a spray bottle, a razor blade (to scrape it off) and paper towels. SUPER easy to take off.


Only need four items for this project! Not too intimidating, right?

Once I got home, I grabbed some scissors, painters tape, a roll of masking paper and the frosting spray and got to work. I taped off the door frame to minimize the over spray and made sure to open the window to have proper ventilation (per the instructions – the never let you down). 🙂


Door all taped off and a sheet on the carpet to catch any over spray.

Then I got to spraying. Make sure to follow the instructions on the can. It will tell you how far to hold the can from the window and fun stuff like that.


First coat

I did two coats and then went back the third time and touched up some the spots that were bugging me. After that, I took down the masking paper, dusted off the over spray that ended up on the computer desk and then hung a cute wreath on the outside.

All finished!

All finished!

Walla! Now, when we have people over, they can sleep in peace knowing they won’t have someone (namely small children) staring in at them.