For years my mom has LOVED Jack Skellington. I mean who can resist his cute, mean face?! Last year, Marie and I got together and made these adorable candy “dish” pumpkins from those carvable pumpkins you find all over in the craft stores. Since we’re out trick-or-treating with our kids on Halloween we fill these pumpkins with candy and leave them on our steps for kids to help themselves! Best way to hand out candy while you’re not home! Once my mom saw ours she fell in love. Marie and I thought “why not make her a Jack Skellington one?!” Since we had already done this before we tag teamed to get it done, it actually went really quick. Here’s what you need to make your own.

Carvable craft pumpkin
Wood burning tool (mine is just like this one)
Craft paint and paintbrushes

prep work

The first thing you’ll need to do is figure out what design you want. Once you have that figured out you’ll need to draw on the mouth with a pencil. Next you’ll (carefully) use the wood burning tool to melt through the pumpkin to cut out the mouth. You’ll have to go over the cut a few times before it cuts all the way through. If you’ve never used a wood burning tool before be VERY carefully. They get extremely hot! We wanted the mouth just big enough that an adult sized hand could reach in for candy.

cut out

Once it’s all cut out you can begin to paint. We started with the outside and applied 3-4 coats of paint, if you aren’t doing white you could probably do less coats. We just wanted the orange to be completely covered. Once the white was all done we carefully painted the inside of his mouth and then the inside of the pumpkin. For whatever reason the coating on the inside of the pumpkin makes it really hard for the paint to dry. It tends to get a little streaky and stay wet for quite a while but I promise you it will dry!


Next you’ll need to draw on the eyes and nose then carefully paint them.


For our Jack Skellington we extended the mouth and carefully added the “stitching”. We then applied another coat of black to the inside and let him dry completely.


Last came the FUN part, giving it to our mom! She was SO surprised and absolutely LOVES it – as I’m sure you can tell by the look on her face!


These are the ones Marie and I made last year, a vampire and Frankenstein!