Today, I decided I was going to work on adding some more decor to my movie room. Since we made our DIY projector screen, we have spent a lot of time hanging out watching movies…of course. The big thing is, I don’t want to spend a whole lot of money in the process.

Have you ever seen lace cardstock? It’s pretty cool stuff. I’ve just never had anything to use it with. Until today! I actually found a bunch of really cool lace cardstock at our local Craft Warehouse store and it just so happened, they had this super cute ticket paper and I decided it would be perfect for our movie room.


It was on clearance at our store so you might want to check your local store to see what they have. They were “Buy 4 for $1.” So I stocked up so that I would have a couple of seasonal options when I buy a few more shadow boxes.


See! They had a Christmas tree, snowflake, star and heart version of the lace cardstock. Just to show a few.

The rest is pretty simple. I had the 12×12 shadow box already on hand and the Christmas lights so it was just a matter of putting it together – and made this project super inexpensive! Here’s what I did:

I laid the ticket paper up against the glass. I actually tucked the paper up around the inside of the frame to keep it from falling over. It worked perfectly.
I placed the lights in the shadow box and arranged it so it filled the whole frame. I did tape a few strands up on top of the frame to keep all the lights from slipping to the bottom.
I added some cardstock to the back portion of the frame, however it is difficult to see but I did want to have some color on the back.
My frame doesn’t have a hole to run the light cord through but it was thin enough to have it run under the back cover. I was also thinking, one of those battery-powered light sets would work too. Just have the battery pack sit on the bottom of the frame.



It’s even cute with the lights turned off!

That’s it! It only took a few minutes to complete and it added a little more glitz and glamour to our theater room. Have you used the lace scrapbook paper for anything other than scrapbooking? Share with us some of your projects or ideas, if you have. We’d love to hear about it.