For years – I’d say more than five – we’ve talked about buying a projector and last year we FINALLY took the plunge and bought a beauty. One that fits our needs and works perfect for our lifestyle. Of course my husband is the tech-savvy one of the bunch so he did all the research and so far we’ve been happy with our Epson VS230 projector.

It had great reviews, was reasonably priced and compact enough to travel with. We originally bought it for when we go camping in our pop-up trailer. Yes, you heard me right. We watch movies in our pop-up! I’ll have to share how we do this in a future post. It’s genius, if I do say so myself. 🙂 It’s been AWESOME and definitely a memory-maker!

But that’s for another day. Enter the new house…

One of the reasons we fell in love with it is because it gave us a bonus area that we didn’t have before. We decided it would make a great space for movie nights. We already had the projector so we just needed to figure out a way to give the room a theater-esque type feel. Again, thanks to my husband’s research on projector screens we ordered the 66 x 110 inch Carl’s Blackout Cloth from Amazon. Then after discussing a quick way to build a frame and stopping by Lowes for some primed, 8-foot MDF boards and a quart of Valspar’s Satin Black, there was no better time than the present. And can you believe we ONLY spent $70 to make it?! We did. Honest.

Here’s our budget breakdown:

Blackout Cloth: $39.95
Primed MDF Boards: $21.42
Valspar Satin Black: $8.36
Grand Total: $69.73 (BAM!)

Getting ready to paint the MDF.

Getting ready to paint the MDF.

Paint helpers!

Paint helpers! This actually was the most time consuming part (waiting for paint to dry) but even then it still went pretty fast.

Just a plain, old wall.

Just a plain, old wall.

We put the bottom board up first.

First, we nailed the bottom board up. We eyeballed where we want the actual screen to sit and went from there.

Once we had the sides up, we stapled and stretched the blackout cloth to the boards.

We did the same for the side boards. Once they were nailed up, we stapled and stretched the blackout cloth to the boards — definitely a two-person job. The cloth was obviously bigger than our wall so we had to cut one side and the bottom once we had it stapled up.

See! Simple enough, right?

See! Simple enough, right?

We nailed the remaining boards on top of the cloth to give it a framed look.

Then to add the finishing touch, we nailed the remaining boards on top of the cloth to give it a framed look. To hide the nail holes, we filled them with wood putty  and then painted over them.

Our new projector screen! Doesn't it look awesome?

Our new projector screen! 

Doesn’t it look awesome? Maybe my next project should be updating our movie posters though. Ha!

Now we’re just looking for some movie suggestions. Does anyone have a favorite movie or two they’d suggest we watch? Let me know in the comments.  🙂