Well, time to be honest. Talking salsa wasn’t my original idea for my next post. I was hoping to be talking about dining room chairs. But let’s just say THAT project has become a bigger pain and more frustrating than I thought possible. Whoever says their DIY projects go as planned every single time can’t be serious. But I promise, I’m not giving up and I hope by my next post my chairs will be done and I can reveal them to the world. Done perfectly, of course! Ha!

So on to one of my family’s favorite recipes. Salsa! For years, when summer rolls around, my taste buds start craving some homemade salsa. I mean, it’s like they know its summer and vegetable growing is in full swing. Weird! And for years, I’ve tried finding the perfect recipe to satisfy my cravings but with no luck. Recipe after recipe it’s been too much of this or too much of that. So after a few close recipes I started taking a little bit of each and it has now evolved into something that everyone in my family loves. It’s super easy to make and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. I promise! Continue reading

Who isn’t looking for the latest and greatest in kid products? I know I always am. I have found a few things that I’m pretty sure my boys and I could not live without so why not share the knowledge, right?!

First off is this ADORABLE night-light from Philips. My little Rayce is obsessed with Mickey Mouse so this light made perfect sense when I found it. It’s made of a soft and cuddly rubber and best of all, it’s rechargeable! It sits on a little base during the day charging and he takes it to bed each night. No batteries, no boogie man, a complete WIN and a MUST have. Amazon also carries other characters that are equally adorable, check out Spider-Man, Olaf, Sofia the First and Minnie Mouse!

Mickey Night Light.2

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If you are anything like me and make something for one child chances are one of your other children will want one too. I feel like I am in one of those “If you give a Mouse a Cookie” books it leads to anther thing and will just start over again. And while I love my kids and I love to sew, doing something for the 4th time would mean I was a pro right? Not yet.  Maybe someday. But not today. With that being said I didn’t have any problems with this adorable messenger bag that my sister and I saw and thought that we could make ourselves. It came with its share of trial and error but it is such a fun bag and my kids actually started out using them for their church bags and have since started using them as their secret spy bags. LOVE IT!!!

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Today we have a special treat for everyone. We decided to start a new series called “Triple Tuesday!” Simply put, we each do the same project but come up with three different ways of doing it.

This was really fun for us! It was kind of coincidental. One day, Misty sent a picture of a filing cabinet she just bought and wanted to refinish. Ironically, Michelle had just bought one the week before…with the hopes of refinishing it as well. Then the next day, while talking to Marie about the fact that we each had cabinet we were going to redo, she said she had one TOO and wanting to do the same thing. No Way! Really? We were thinking the same thing practically at the same time? We really are sisters!

We hope you enjoy this new series as much as we enjoy doing them!

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I’m not going to claim to be a beauty expert – not even close – but every girl has to admit there’s certain beauty products that make them feel pretty and maybe even dolled-up a bit. I even have a few that once I run out, I feel lost and my routine tends to get out of whack.

Here’s five of my must-have beauty products that I always have on hand (I don’t use all of them every single day but close). 🙂 Continue reading

How many times during the summer have you heard “I’m bored.” “I have nothing to do.” “What are we going to do next?” If you have then you are living in my nightmare times five. I can’t say six since my baby can’t talk yet but my other five kids are already starting the summer time boredom and I have already said “Well then let’s get a bag and go through your toys and get rid of some if you’re that bored.” With that being said it also makes me feel like a failure as a mother since I see all these amazing moms on Facebook, Pinterest and on blogs that are doing amazing things with their kids and all I can do is take them swimming and wish that it was bed time. It’s sad but true. Which brings me to today’s post and my chance at redemption and the chance to end the summer time boredom. Continue reading

For years – I’d say more than five – we’ve talked about buying a projector and last year we FINALLY took the plunge and bought a beauty. One that fits our needs and works perfect for our lifestyle. Of course my husband is the tech-savvy one of the bunch so he did all the research and so far we’ve been happy with our Epson VS230 projector.

It had great reviews, was reasonably priced and compact enough to travel with. We originally bought it for when we go camping in our pop-up trailer. Yes, you heard me right. We watch movies in our pop-up! I’ll have to share how we do this in a future post. It’s genius, if I do say so myself. 🙂 It’s been AWESOME and definitely a memory-maker! Continue reading

For those of you who don’t know me I have a slight ObSeSsIoN with sewing. I’m always looking for new patterns of fun, cute things to sew. A couple years ago my sister-in-law asked me to tackle a project for her graduating son, a t-shirt quilt made from some of his junior high & high school sports shirts and jerseys. This year her youngest son was graduating and she asked me to make one for him too. This time I decided to document it so I could share it all with you! I think if you have a basic-moderate understanding of sewing you should understand what I’m talking about just fine. So, let’s get started. Continue reading

Ok, so summer is official here for us and we are so excited. School is out and the weather is starting to heat up and I think the rain has stopped. That being said, it is time to spend every day – all day – outside. So me being me and having pinned millions of new things in my “fun things to do with kids” file I’m going to pick some and do them. Hopefully I will “nail them” and share my success with you which will make it easier to share with you and definitely less embarrassing.

I wracked my brain and my pins trying to find something that would be age appropriate for a 2-year-old and an almost 11-year-old. I found these fun lava lamps and when I told my 11-year-old he was excited so I scored big. It was something that was easy to do, didn’t take a lot of prep and inexpensive. Three things that make it easier for me to do. Continue reading