This is one of those projects I’ve been wanting to make for months and I’m thrilled that I finally got around to it. And even more excited that it turned out cuter than I’d pictured it in my head! Depending on what supplies you already have on hand this could be a very cheap project. Let’s get started!

Paint Stir Stick Basket Supplies

13 paint stir sticks
1/4″ wooden dowel
3 sheets of 12″x12″ scrapbook paper
Stain or paint (optional)
Mod podge
Staple gun and 3/8″ staples
Mason jars

First we’ll start by cutting down a couple things. Cut 3 dowels in half so you have 6 7″ pieces, this will be for the ends of the basket. Then cut the wooden dowel into 6 5 1/4″ pieces, you’ll use these to attach the basket together. Once all the pieces are cut, gently sand everything (this is probably the most time consuming part).

Paint Stir Stick Basket 1

Next trace each paint stick on the paper.  Angle the long side pieces so that they fit on the paper. I labeled mine so that I could match the stick to the paper but found later on this step was not necessary. All the sticks seemed to be universal so the sizing all matched up with what I had cut out.

Paint Stir Stick Basket 2

Next you’ll stain all pieces, or painting them would be super cute too! You could also just leave them natural. While they are drying cut out your paper.

Paint Stir Stick Basket 3

Once the sticks and dowels are dry it’s time to start assembling the basket! (We’ll attach the paper later so we can hide the staples!) Start by taking 3 of the dowels and arrange them in a “U” shape, leave a small gap on each side of the bottom one (see picture). Take a 7″ end stick and carefully line it up so that it is flush with the dowels on the side and the bottom dowel. Staple in place. Next place the stick that would run along the top, made sure it was flush with the dowels, and stapled it in place. Then center the last side piece and attach it as well. Repeat for the other end.

Paint Stir Stick Basket 4

Next attach the sides, this is where it gets a bit tricky. Keep in mind this basket is made out of thin sticks so it’s not super durable. Be careful when stapling. Again, start with the bottom, then attach the top stick, center the middle one and attach it last.

Now we’re ready to add the paper! Simply mod podge the paper onto the sticks. I found using a little more mod podge was better because the sticks are a little bowed, so this helps the paper to attach better. Once they are completely dry add another coat on top of the paper. This gives it a nice glossy finish. I actually did 2 top coats of mod podge, just be sure to let it completely dry in between coats.

Paint Stir Stick Basket 5

Now the fun part! Filling the basket! I used some mason jars and some cute spring flowers from Hobby Lobby.

Paint Stir Stick Basket

I’m SO pleased with the finished product! If you make one we’d LOVE to see it! Post it on Instagram and tag us (#dreamsandmidnightjabber) in it!