We hope that you all had an amazing 4th of July celebrating the Freedom of our country and spending time with the ones that you love. We had a blast creating new memories, eating food, watching fireworks and parades. We are so grateful to the men and woman who have dedicated their lives and time to make this wonderful land that we live in possible. God bless America.

We were so caught up in time with our family we decided to post a couple days later then normal but this post will not disappoint and we will be saving mothers everywhere. We would hope that all of you would say that one of your favorite childhood memories is a good old fashioned pillow fight. If your kids are anything like our kids then the pillows look like flattened pancakes when the fight is over. The kids are complaining that they have to sleep on them later. We have found the solution to this problem.

Each year we attend the local craft fairs, always looking for the some of the coolest, uniquest crafts. Last November as we were walking around we found this cute booth with giant boxing gloves hanging from it. Not just any boxing gloves, pillow fight boxing gloves. They are AMAZING!!

Boxing glove pillows

Our mom likes to give all the grandkids the same thing for Christmas, which makes Christmas morning so easy with no one wishing that they had what the other one has. Last year did not disappoint. They each got their very own pair!!

boxing gloves pillow2

We just love the idea of these! So unique and creative. We actually were able to pick out the fabric for each pair of gloves — matching them to our kid’s person (as you can tell from the pictures).

pillow fightPillow Fights 2

Pillow Fight Boxing Gloves

Because we know you are want to know where we got them, we thought we’d share the contact information for the lady who made them for us:

Billie Tanner
(208) 542-4497

You can contact her directly and she’d love to get started on making you a pair.