As I sit before my computer writing this post, I have a million thoughts running through my head. I began the fun adventure of potty training my last child and while I’d like to say it is bitter-sweet it’s not. I’m really looking forward to not having to buy diapers and not to having him lie on the ground while I change the millionth poopy diaper. I WILL NOT MISS IT. I am however having a harder time taking his sippy away. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe because it symbolizes an end to the baby phase or that he is indeed growing up while I long for him to stay little. I know it seems a bit strange that I am potty training without any emotional turmoil while the sippy is causing me serious mental troubles. I have problems.

I wanted to share the realness of potty training and what I have learned along the way. Today is my second day and I have to say that I am amazed at how well the first day went. Usually it is filled with accidents and frustration and disappointment but my cute guy was full of surprise and excitement. I should begin by telling you that I start putting my kids on a the toilet at 18 months to get them comfortable with it. I don’t expect them to do anything but if they do it’s an added bonus and yes we do make a big deal about it. I realized on Friday that I was going to be out of diapers by about Monday so I started to mentally prepare myself for what the next few days would entail. I am not one of those moms who puts their lives on hold. It’s too hard with so many kids to find a time that won’t be busy to potty train so I just do it and make it work. This week will be no acceptation. So once I realized that the diapers were coming to an end I started taking him to the toilet more frequently. He was AMAZING. If I said push, he pushed. He understood what he was supposed to be doing. Surprising. Saturday he pooped in the toilet and peed several times. But I didn’t take him out of diapers. I was just getting him comfortable with the idea. Sunday was the same. I did have the one fun moment when I decided to put him in training underwear and while I went to get it he decided to poop on the carpet. Gotta love him!!

The night-time sippies are gone. It took 3 nights of crying but we survived and are happy about it. What has worked for me and my kids is to quit diapers completely. Pull ups are fine, but just for naps, bed time and town trips on the first couple of days of training. Otherwise you only use the training underwear. Yes there is a lot of laundry and mopped floors but I believe that they grasp the concept better. This may sound tedious but it is what works, setting a timer and religiously using it. With my younger kids I would do 10 minutes. I have since started doing 20 because we both started hating each other and crying.


Day 1: I am happy to report that day 1 was a major success. Better than I am used too, which I am hoping doesn’t mean that it will get worse. He only had two accidents the whole day. TWO, thats fantastic. And he pooped in the toilet and woke up from his nap dry. I promise that this has never happened with any of my other children. We even took a couple trips to town due to an unexpected incident and he did great. I’m used to horror stories the first day and was planning on sharing them but my last child has made this too easy so far. Seriously I take him to the toilet, tell him to push and he does. I can’t explain it.

Day 2: Still in the process of, but so far he has had one accident. But the good news is that he pooped again on the toilet!!! He was absolutely adorable and cheered and clapped. He knew what he had done and was SO proud and so was I. I continue to set the timer and take him every 20 minutes. There are times he doesn’t want to sit. I am patient with him. We sing, read books, play games on the kindle. When he goes potty there is a celebration and we run for the candy bowl. Two skittles for pee and four for poop. I love to see him running around in his training underwear and he loves wearing them.

I will continue to keep you updated on his progress. I will try to do a shorter update. It’s always fun to hear the success of potty training. If you have any advice or questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you.