So let me just start off saying that this project was both a HUGE pain but a HUGER (is that a word?) success! It took many hours digging through recipes, both in my recipe book and my favs saved on Pinterest, lots of copying and pasting, lots of typing and LOTS of patience. There were so many times I considered giving up on the project all together but I’m SOOO glad I didn’t!!!!! So, if you’re considering this project be sure you understand how much patience you’ll need to complete it…and if you’re a busy wife and mom like I am, go into knowing it’s not just a few day project. So…if I haven’t scared you off yet, let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

3 ring binder (I was lucky enough to find a 5 1/2″x8 1/2″ one on clearance at Staples!)

Sheet protectors (great deal on them here)

computer (for typing….OH the TyPiNg!)


patience, and LOTS of it

total cost: about $30


I started by going through the recipes in my recipe box. I decided to pick out just our favorites – which still happened to be most of them in there! I began typing those up on the computer first. If you want, you can create a cute template, they also have lots of fun, free ones on Pinterest – talk about a time saver! You’ll want to seperate your recipes into categories that make the most sense for you and create page titles for each category.


Recipe Madness!

Next I moved on to my Pinterest recipe favorites. Luckily I’ve been keeping track of the ones we’ve tried and liked for a few years now, so finding them was no big deal. Here is where the copying and pasting came in.

Let me just say again…if you don’t have much patience this might not be the project for you…but let me also say I am SOOO glad I did it!

After they are all typed up (YAY!) you can print them at home or take them to a copy and print center, I took mine to Staples and had them cut them down to size for me, another HUGE time saver! I had over 100 pages and I wasn’t about to cut them all myself!


This last part took a little bit too but I knew I was on the home-stretch and didn’t mind enduring a couple more hours to finish it up. I turned on a good show and started putting the book together, FINALLY!! I laid them out in their categories and then chose how I wanted the categories in order in the book. Then came the actual order of each recipe. I decided to categorize them from most favorite to least. You’ll put them in the sheet protectors and then add them to the binder.


All laid out by category

Now…I didn’t really mention tabs, and for a good reason. I made my own and am NOT pleased with how they turned out. They’ll stay for now but I’ll eventually change them out, hopefully for something better. If you have any awesome ideas send them my way!!


My hideous tabs 🙁

I really am SO pleased with how it turned out and since finishing it up late Friday night I’ve already used it countless times, I call that a WIN!! I hope that the pure satisfaction of organized, easy to access recipes will encourage you to make your own binder. I promise you’ll be so glad you did.