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** This is Part 2, of a 2 part series. **

On Tuesday, we shared with you the first steps in getting our butcher block cabinet prepped and ready (see “Modern & Chic Butcher Block Cabinet – Part 1” for more information). We’re excited to be back today to walk you through the remaining steps! This was one of those projects that while I was doing it, I kept asking myself why I get such crazy ideas. In the end though, I have to admit it wasn’t really that bad and I’m super happy with it how it turned out. It coordinates perfectly with the rest of the furniture in our living room!

So without further ado, Part 2.

We ended with the butcher block being clued together and we were waiting for it to dry. We continue today’s post with working on getting the cabinet painted, finishing the butcher block and then finally reassembling. So here we go…


While the glue was setting up, I grabbed the cabinet and started taking it apart. Making sure to remove all the hardware from the doors.


I also removed the top since we were going to replace it with the butcher block anyway.

DSC_0864 Continue reading

I think that I am finally ready to start the fun process of really decorating my house. Yes, I have things on shelves and pillows on couches but I haven’t really begun to hang things on the wall. With that being said I think that I will start with one room at a time. I completed my daughter’s room about 3 months ago and that seemed like a wonderful project to do, but as to where to go from there I wasn’t sure. So I’ve decided to start small. A bathroom. I can’t screw that up right, not too many holes and not too much decor. Continue reading

When we bought our house in March we knew we would want to update the kitchen but we just  weren’t sure on when it would actually happen…weeks, months, years. However, people that know us know we can’t sit around for too long without having a project. So once September rolled around (only 6 months after closing) we started our kitchen update journey and didn’t look back — mostly because we didn’t have a choice. Ha!

The counter tops in the house came with brown granite tile which, not surprisingly, made the kitchen feel dark and dated. Also, I quickly learned that I didn’t like cleaning up after preparing a meal because the grout lines made it difficult to get all the bits and pieces wiped up. Who knew something as simple as rolling out some dough on a smooth counter top could be missed so much too? I sure didn’t. Continue reading