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This is one of those projects I’ve been wanting to make for months and I’m thrilled that I finally got around to it. And even more excited that it turned out cuter than I’d pictured it in my head! Depending on what supplies you already have on hand this could be a very cheap project. Let’s get started!

Paint Stir Stick Basket Supplies

13 paint stir sticks
1/4″ wooden dowel
3 sheets of 12″x12″ scrapbook paper
Stain or paint (optional)
Mod podge
Staple gun and 3/8″ staples
Mason jars
Flowers Continue reading

Valentines day. The day of love. I am one of those people who thinks that this is a bazaar holiday. I don’t think that a day needs to be set a side to tell your significant other that you love them or how much they mean to you. I am however all for decorating for it. I love all the hearts and the various shades of  pinks and reds that are associated with it. I also enjoy that my kids get to do valentines for their classes (notice I said my kids get to). This is one of those “holidays” that I don’t have a lot of decorations for and knew that I wanted to make some for it. I have seen painted Mason jar crafts all over Pinterest and I knew that they would be simple and fast. So if you have 30 minutes, 3 Mason Jars and some acrylic paint you can do this project. Continue reading