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I’m BAAAAAACK!! I’m hoping at least SOME of you noticed I was gone. I took a nice 3 months off and for a fabulous, snuggly, good smelling, tiny reason! We welcomed our third BOY on December 9th, 2015. I was induced 3 weeks early due to a 2 vessel cord and worries of the baby measuring small (that’s a whole other story)! Labor and delivery were my easiest yet and luckily he was born completely healthy! Without further ado introducing:

Holden James Simmons            6lbs 4oz            11:57am

Holden Announcement Collage

This little bundle of joy (along with his 2 older brothers) and the holidays, have kept me busy and on my toes these past couple of months! Now that I’ve adjusted to life as a mom of 3 I’m ready to return to the blogging world! I wanted to give you guys a peek at my little guy and his adorable nursery. Continue reading

Having moved in my new house and maybe ordering things from Amazon occasionally, much to my husbands dismay, and needing UPS to find me, I decided I needed to put something in front of my house so that the delivery drivers wouldn’t have to come running down my driveway asking if this was the Weekes’ residence, yes that happened and yes my sister was here so she is my witness. I had this awesome address pallet at my old house and wanted to do it again at my new house so I knew it would be a great post and something that anyone could do at their home. I’m not one for numbers on my house but I love anything that has to do with a pallet and this project is so simple and doesn’t take much time. Continue reading