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With Halloween just around the corner we were more than excited to bring you another Triple Tuesday. And what better way than with a fun Halloween decoration. This was definitely a fun one since skulls are something lacking in all of our homes. The best part was we were able to pick these plastic skulls up at Shopko for $5.00. BEST. DEAL. EVER. Simple and cheap and they turned out SO fun.


I found my inspiration online and decided to be a bit ballsy and free hand it.  Looking back I think it took more time then I expected but I seriously love the end result and would do it again in a heartbeat. I started by painting my skull Quaker Grey and painted the teeth white.  I then drew on my design.



I thought that I could do the whole design with sharpie but it was taking forever so I switched to paint. It went so much faster. I traced the design with Sharpie and painted the inside with black paint. So much smarter. The teeth were too white so I took Payne’s Grey and watered it down and painted it over the teeth. I wiped it off with a paper towel to give the teeth a darker look. So much cooler.



For  my skull, I decided on my color scheme first — gold, black and purple — and then went from there. I really wasn’t sure what to do at first but it kind of all came together…at the last minute, no joke! 🙂 I used a gold metallic acrylic paint for the skull, leaving the eyes and nose. I found some Halloween plastic gemstones (a combination of adhesive and glue on kinds), a fascinator hat and a black and purple paint pen at Hobby Lobby and Walmart. I then glued on the hat and gemstones and stuck the adhesive gemstones around the eyes. Next it was time to draw on a few added artistic features. I looked online for a few pictures for inspiration and finished off the skull by painting around the mouth, chin and nose. All done!!



For my skull I knew I wanted a spider and spiderweb on the top. The only decision I had to make was what color scheme I would go with. I’m SO glad I decided on metallic purple. The color is perfect! And even though I hesitated painting the teeth black, I’m so glad I did! After the paint was dry I added the spiderweb with some basic puff paint in metallic gray. And for the final touch, I glued a cute glittery spider on top. So quick and easy! I love how it turned out! img952951


Now it’s time we pull out the rest of our Halloween decorations and add these awesome skulls to our collection!


Well jabbers, it’s another Triple Tuesday for you all and we’re so excited to share with you what we’ve been working on the last few days. Our three projects are definitely ones anybody could make and don’t take a ton of time.

The inspiration behind our “sew” spooky Halloween pillows came from Misty who ran across an ADORABLE ghost pillow over on Tatertots & Jello (if you aren’t following her, you should. I promise. You won’t be disappointed). This got us thinking. Originally we thought we’d each make a ghost pillow. However, there are only so many ghost shapes and faces that we knew it would become pretty boring reading through the same project three times so we decided to pick a Halloween character and run with it. Marie picked a witch, Michelle picked a ghost and Misty decided on a skull.

So there you have it. The great thing about these projects is you can make them your own. You don’t have to follow EXACTLY how we do it. Find your inner creativity and make the pillow fit your style and personality. That’s the great thing about crafts. All the details on how we made our Halloween pillows are found below. Continue reading