A project that’s quick, easy AND cheap?! Say WHAT?! That’s right. Here’s a perfectly easy project you can get done in less than an hour. As an added bonus it will cost you less than $5!!!

6 sheets of felt (various fall colors)
Fabric scissors
Hot glue gun
Sewing machine or needle and thread (optional)

The first step, and most consuming one, is cutting your leaves out. I’ve attached templates for a few different ones, I kept to just one style but it would definitely be cute to intermix them. Print out your desired template, cut it out and pin it on the felt. Cut out 6 leaves.

Leaf Templates

This step is definitely optional but it adds to the overall look. I added 3 small stitches per leaf. You could do this by hand or with a sewing machine.

Next you’ll lay the leaves out in your desired pattern. Then you’ll hot glue them together…eek!!! That’s the LAST step! See! I told you it was quick, easy and cheap!!! I even made 2 of them! We pull these out every fall and even used them as a Thanksgiving dinner decoration one year. Such a fun, easy way to spruce up your table…or whatever you want!


(Remember this CUTE reversible arrow sign from a few weeks ago?! Still LoViNg it!)