I had this idea a while back when I was making my nephew’s t-shirt quilt. His older brother was getting married and I thought, “Wouldn’t it be FUN to make an apron for his fiancé out of one of his old jerseys?!” If anyone knows me they know I LOVE to give sentimental gifts so I thought this one was brilliant. When I sat down to do it (extremely last minute!) I was pleasantly surprised with how quick and easy it was. Can I just say I LOVE it when a project goes smoothly. Almost unheard of, right? Well it was my lucky day! If you’ve got an old jersey lying around grab it and lets get started!

Here’s what you need:

Old Jersey
1 yard cotton fabric (for lining)
Ribbon (for apron strings)
Sewing Machine and Thread


I have a rotary cutter pictured here but didn’t actually end up using it, you’ll just need scissors!

First you’ll take your jersey and cut up the sides removing the sleeves and (in my case) the front of the jersey. I used the back of the jersey so it would have the name and number showing on the apron.

Jersey cut

Next you’ll take the cut portion of the jersey and fold it in half. Then I took an old apron, folded it in half and laid it on top of the jersey to create my “pattern”. I pinned everything together so it would make cutting easier. Cut around the top, side and bottom of apron leaving a 1/2″-1″ edge for your seam allowance. I didn’t cut around the bottom of mine because the length was already where I wanted it to be.

Jersey Cut2

Once you have the jersey all cut out in the apron shape you’ll take your lining fabric, fold it in half, and lay the folded jersey on top of it and cut out the lining.


Then you’ll take your ribbon and cut 2 pieces 22″ long and one piece 20″ long. Take the jersey and lay it right side up, place the lining on top of that. Next you’ll decide on your placement of the waist strings. I placed mine 2″ down from the corner point of the apron. Insert the strings between the jersey and the lining and pin in place.

apron string

Now you are officially ready to sew! Start at the top of one side sewing down the side (catching the apron strings you pinned in place), across the bottom and up the other side leaving JUST along the top of the apron open. Be SURE the length of your apron strings stay out of the way when sewing along the edges!


Turn the apron right side out through the opening you left at the top.


Next you’ll fold the raw edges of the apron and jersey in and pin in place. Take the 20″ ribbon and place it close to each of the corners. I pinned the ribbon in place, tried the apron on, and then adjusted the length of the ribbon from there. I ended up cutting off almost 2″ so I had just the right length.


Now you’ll sew along the top catching the neck ribbon and making sure all raw edges are neatly tucked inside the jersey and apron lining. Then you’ll continue to sew all around the entire apron to give it a nice clean finish. I decided to sew around the “7” to help hold the lining and jersey together a little bit better. This will help the apron keep its shape after washing.


I pinned around it to help hold the lining and jersey together while sewing

And now it’s ALL DONE! See, I told you it was quick and painless! Now I’m off to search for my hubby’s old jersey so I can make an apron for me…..happy sewing!

Finished Apron