Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE to sew. For years I struggled to find the perfect caddy to keep all my supplies in. A couple years ago I came up with this toolbox sewing caddy and it’s seriously the best way to organize all my supplies.  This is super simple to make and only requires a few supplies.

Toolbox (I purchased an old used one from our local Army Surplus store for $10)
Spray Paint
Vinyl Words

Sewing Toolbox Before

Since I purchased an old, used (and DIRTY) toolbox I gave it a good wipe down before getting started. Then I gave the whole box a nice thick coat of white spray paint. I wanted my words to be white, obviously you can go with whatever color you want as your base/words/background.

Sewing Toolbox Base Paint

I purchased a Silhouette Cameo 2 just a few weeks ago and took it out of the box just last week. I’ve already used it multiple times and to say I FREAKING LOVE IT would be an HUGE understatement. WHY did I wait SO long to get one of these things?! I used mine to cut out various words in different fonts. Then I applied them randomoly onto the dried toolbox.

Sewing Toolbox VinylSewing Toolbox Vinyl Prep

Now it’s time to paint again! I chose a fun pink for my main color of my toolbox. I gave it a few good coats. Once everything was dry I peeled off the vinyl letters.  This is, unfortunately, where my project took a turn for the worse. While peeling off the vinyl letters some of my white paint came with it. I had to do some touch up work. My suggestion to you is to paint your toolbox then add the vinyl letters instead of using them as a stencil. This seriously would have saved me SO MUCH time. I would have painted the toolbox one color, stuck the vinyl words on, did the clear coat and would have been done. DO IT THAT WAY!!! The nice thing about a toolbox is it has this great little shelf insert. I decided to paint mine yellow for an added pop of color. When everything was dry I finished it all off with a clear coat.

Sewing Toolbox Finished

Sewing Toolbox

Once the clear coat is dry it’s time for the FUN part: filling it up! I use the removable shelf/insert for supplies I use often, pins, measuring tape, scissors etc.  The bottom part I used for thread, quick pattern references, elastic and Velcro.

Here are some other ones I made using a stencil and painter’s tape.

My Sewing Toolbox

Marie's Sewing Toolbox