Jewelry. Who doesn’t love to spice up an outfit with it? We will be the first to say that an outfit is not complete unless there is a necklace or a pair of earrings to go with it. It seems that each of us have to wear a pair of earrings even if it is a ponytail day. For some reason that makes us feel beautiful and ready to take on the day. With that being said, today’s post is one we have been talking about and planning for a while so we are excited to share it with you. The best part about it is the jewelry we share isn’t super expensive and it IS affordable. And let’s be honest, if you are anything like us, we are always on the look out for a new piece of bling to add to our wardrobe.

triple tuesday


Boho Chic
This necklace is FABULOUS!!!! If you love turquoise and silver then this is a must have for your collection. It has the adjustable chain and one of my favorite feature is that is reversible. It is from Premier Designs Jewelry and I have to say that I am a little obsessed with their jewelry.  It’s so fun, unique and multifunctional. But this Boho Chic comes with a matching bracelet, which I have and earrings.  So fun and cute.

Electric Charm Necklace
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Can I do that?  I just did. As a mom of six kids nothing gives me more pride then wearing this necklace. This is one of those “Babe I’m going to buy my own anniversary presents.” and he says “Awesome.” It’s from the Vintage Pearl.  They’re amazing and it’s so personal. When I first got it I only had 4 kids.  It comes with a necklace and a pearl and you get to choose your shape and font.  I have a chain that my husband gave me for Christmas one year and it works perfectly with my charms. With each baby I have had I have been able to add a new charm and it has been so easy. My kids love it and enjoy looking for their names and each others.  It IS my favorite necklace.

Big Sis Pave Heart Charm Bracelet
As we started this blog together it just reminded me how much my sisters meant to me. I came across these sister bracelets and knew that we had to have them and when I saw the price it was a done deal.  As I have seen my sisters wear them it has meant all the more to me and made me realize that this blog adventure that we have been on has brought us closer together. So if you have a sister and are looking for a bracelet to share with one another these are the ones to get and they are only $10 each. Super fun and the heart charm makes them so unique.

Jewelry Collage


Bangle Bracelet
I LOVE my bangle bracelet. It has very special meaning to me. It was my very first Mother’s Day gift. My husband actually wasn’t around for it so he made it extra special for me by giving me a “Close to My Heart” Tiffany bracelet. I was brought to tears. Talk about sentimental! I have worn it pretty much every day. I absolutely love it!

I wasn’t able to find it on Tiffany’s website anymore but I did find an alternative that’s cheaper. You’re welcome! Eve’s Addiction has a sterling silver bangle bracelet that can be engraved on the inside or outside. You also can change the font. I always get compliments on my bracelet. It’s simple yet elegant and goes with anything. Can’t beat that!

3-Layer Teardrop Necklace
I haven’t been much of a gold jewelry-type person for, I don’t know, forever. But just this summer I decided to get a little bit out of my comfort zone. I had just bought a shirt that had a gold zipper accent on it so I kept my eyes peeled for a few weeks. Then I found this 3-layer teardrop necklace at Target. Everyone loves Target, right? And for $12.99. Not too shabby! Not only have a worn it with my chevron shirt, I’ve also have found several other outfits that I love wearing it with so, this summer it really has been my go-to necklace. Who knew I’d be such a fan of gold? Note: Because I chase two little boys around all day, I actually super glued the pendants together because the clanking about drove me nuts every time I wore it. 🙂

Ombre Sandblast Earrings
I must have a thing for teardrop jewelry. Haha! I don’t care though. I think we all have certain jewelry we gravitate to. When I saw these ombre sandblast earrings at Charming Charlie I had to have them. They are royal blue (a color I didn’t have much of in my jewelry collection), they’re shimmery (what girl can resist shimmer) AND they’re ombre. Win, win, win! I mean, come on! Who could resist all those? They’re adorable. I wear them with a lot of different colors to0 — yellow, coral, green, orange — you name it, I have probably tried to wear these with it.  They come in coral as well and are on sale right now on Charming Charlie’s website so make sure to check them out. I actually might need to go buy the coral pair.

Jewelry Box Collage


Hoop Earrings
It’s my opinion that every girl needs a good pair (or 2, or 3!) of hoop earrings. My favorite go-to pair happens to be a rhinestone pair. I love them because they go with everything. I can dress them up or dress them down. Charming Charlie offers a great set that is really affordable. If you’ve never heard of them before you are SERIOUSLY missing out and I encourage you to dive into their website of jewelry heaven. You won’t be sorry!

Personalized Ring
I purchased my “Simmons” message ring from the Vintage Pearl a few years ago and have LOVED it ever since. I wear it pretty much everyday and constantly get compliments on it. Something About Silver also offers some REALLY CuTe stacking mothers rings. Eventually I want to get those with my boys’ names on them. SO CUTE!

“Modern Day” Necklace
If anyone knows me at all they know I’m OBSESSED with Premier Designs Jewelry. I have SO much of it and LOVE it all. This is where my favorite go-to necklace comes in. Again, this item will go with anything and you can dress it up or dress it down. PLUS it’s reversible (sorry, I couldn’t find a picture of the other side). This necklace is a must. LOVE mine.