With Halloween just around the corner we were more than excited to bring you another Triple Tuesday. And what better way than with a fun Halloween decoration. This was definitely a fun one since skulls are something lacking in all of our homes. The best part was we were able to pick these plastic skulls up at Shopko for $5.00. BEST. DEAL. EVER. Simple and cheap and they turned out SO fun.


I found my inspiration online and decided to be a bit ballsy and free hand it.  Looking back I think it took more time then I expected but I seriously love the end result and would do it again in a heartbeat. I started by painting my skull Quaker Grey and painted the teeth white.  I then drew on my design.



I thought that I could do the whole design with sharpie but it was taking forever so I switched to paint. It went so much faster. I traced the design with Sharpie and painted the inside with black paint. So much smarter. The teeth were too white so I took Payne’s Grey and watered it down and painted it over the teeth. I wiped it off with a paper towel to give the teeth a darker look. So much cooler.



For  my skull, I decided on my color scheme first — gold, black and purple — and then went from there. I really wasn’t sure what to do at first but it kind of all came together…at the last minute, no joke! 🙂 I used a gold metallic acrylic paint for the skull, leaving the eyes and nose. I found some Halloween plastic gemstones (a combination of adhesive and glue on kinds), a fascinator hat and a black and purple paint pen at Hobby Lobby and Walmart. I then glued on the hat and gemstones and stuck the adhesive gemstones around the eyes. Next it was time to draw on a few added artistic features. I looked online for a few pictures for inspiration and finished off the skull by painting around the mouth, chin and nose. All done!!



For my skull I knew I wanted a spider and spiderweb on the top. The only decision I had to make was what color scheme I would go with. I’m SO glad I decided on metallic purple. The color is perfect! And even though I hesitated painting the teeth black, I’m so glad I did! After the paint was dry I added the spiderweb with some basic puff paint in metallic gray. And for the final touch, I glued a cute glittery spider on top. So quick and easy! I love how it turned out! img952951


Now it’s time we pull out the rest of our Halloween decorations and add these awesome skulls to our collection!