If you haven’t figured out by now I love the fall and I also love food. One of the wonderful things that happens in the fall — that happens only in the fall — is corn on the cob. My family could eat it year round if there was a way to have it year round. We love it boiled and loaded with butter, salt and pepper. Or our favorite is the Mexican-style corn where you grill it in the husk, shuck it and load it up with mayo and parmesan cheese. It’s messy but delicious!

So the next best thing to corn on the cob is freezer corn since you take it right from the cob and use it whenever you want. It’s so much better than store bought corn. Before you get started, I will warn you it does take some time. Usually a whole day. It took me a couple of years to train my kids to shuck the corn properly and to get all the silk off but now they are master corn huskers and can actually do it faster than me. I made the mistake of doing freezer corn this year while they were in school and that was not smart. I was still doing it when they got home from school. A lesson learned for this mom.

There are a bunch of recipes out there on how to do freezer corn but today I will share what husband’s family has been doing for years and we continue to do in our family. I must add that I have cut the recipe in half, not the corn just the other ingredients. It seemed I had too much liquid by the time the corn was boiled. I’ve been much happier with the results and the flavor is the just the same, in my opinion. In fact, I haven’t told my husband that I’ve changed it and he hasn’t even noticed. img_7944 This is my set up for shucking corn. I usually do enough corn to last 2 years but we apparently ate more last year than we normally do so I did 20 dozen this fall. I get a big tub for all the husks and a small one for the corn. I was told by the lady that I buy corn from to start at the top and pull the husk down in 2 stripes, silk and all and it will come off very easily. img_7947 There are several ways to cut the corn off the cob. Here are several options for cutting. I personally LOVE the Hamilton Beach electric knife, but it is definitely a personal preference. img_7971 I get out a cookie sheet to keep the corn from going everywhere and an 8 cup measuring cup. Then I start cutting and measuring. img_7954 Once the 30 cups are in the pot along with all the ingredients it might not look like there will be enough liquids but once it has boiled it is perfect. img_7957 Once it has boiled for 10 minutes, let it cool before placing the corn in freezer bags. Be sure to label bags with the date. I use a funnel and measuring cup to pour it in the bags and then place them on a cookie sheet to cool down before putting in the freezer. img_7983 Just like that you can enjoy corn through the winter! I love adding it to soups and using it with Misty’s Cowboy Spuds Cheese recipe. If you have other recipes that you enjoy throughout the year be sure to share them with us. We definitely love our food and love trying new recipes.

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